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Alphabetical Index To Commodities & HS Code No
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84.34 Dairy machinery
7319.90 Darning needles of iron or steel
84.71 Data processing machines, automatic
84.71 Data transcribing machines
9611.00 Date stamps, designed for operating in the hand
0804.10 Dates, fresh or dried
2903.62 DDT
84.60 Deburring machine-tools for metal, metal carbides or cermets
49.08 Decalcomanias
8805.10 Deck-arrestor or similar gear and parts thereof
70.13 Decoration glassware for indoors
9701.90 Decorative plaques
9507.90 Decoy birds
9208.90 Decoy calls
8303.00 Deed boxes and the like of base metal
8512.40 Defrosters, windscreen, electric, for motor vehicles 15.22 Degras
3820.00 De-icing fluids, prepared
8512.40 Demisters, windscreen, electric, for motor vehicles
9023.00 Demonstrational instruments, apparatus and models
4413.00 Densified wood
3006.40 Dental cements and other dental fillings
9018.41 Dental drill engines
94.02 Dental furniture
90.18 Dental instruments and apparatus
33.06 Dental or oral hygiene preparations
3407.00 Dental preparations with a basis of plaster of calcined gypsum or calcium sulphate
3407.00 Dental wax or dental impression compounds
9402.10 Dentists' chairs
3306.10 Dentrifrices
3306.90 Denture fixative pastes and powders
3307.20 Deodorants and antiperspirants for personal use
3307.4 Deodorizing or perfuming preparations for rooms
3307.90 Depilatories
84.26 Derricks
87.05 Derricks, drilling, mobile
8304.00 Desk equipment of base metal
94.05 Desk lamps
85.37 Desks for electric control or the distribution of electricity
3603.00 Detonating fuses
3603.00 Detonators, electric
2845.10 Deuterium oxide (heavy water)
3505.10 Dextrins
2914.40 Diacetone alcohol
85.41 Diacs
3006.30 Diagnostic reagents designed to be administered to the patient
3822.00 Diagnostic reagents, composite, excluding compounds of mercury
9114.30 Dials for watches and clocks
3105.30 Diammonium hydrogenorthophosphate
7105.10 Diamond dust and powder
71.02 Diamonds, natural, not mounted or set
71.04 Diamonds, synthetic or reconstructed, not strung, mounted or set
2922.29 Dianisidines(bianisidines)
4820.10 Diaries and similar articles
3802.90 Diatomite, activated
2512.00 Diatomite, not activated
2927.00 Diazo, azo- or amoxy-compounds
2917.34 Dibutyl orthophthalates
2835.25 Dicalcium phosphate
2903.12 Dichloromethane
8519.81 Dictating machines not capable of operating without an external source of power
4901.91 Dictionaries
2926.20 Dicyandiamide
85.14 Dielectric heating equipment for industrial or laboratory use, excluding machines of heading 84.86
8207.20 Dies for drawing or extruding metal
2710.99 Diesel oil, automotive, industrial and marine
84.08 Diesel or semi-diesel engines
8602.10 Diesel-electric rail locomotives
8462.10 Die-stamping machine-tools for working metal
2922.12 Diethanolamine and its salts
2909.11 Diethyl ether
2921.19 Diethylamine and its salts
2909.41 Diethylene glycol, digol
9012.10 Diffraction apparatus, electron, excluding apparatus of heading 84.86
84.71 Digital processing units
2917.37 Dimethyl terephthalate
2917.33 Dinonyl or didecyl orthophthalates
2917.32 Dioctyl orthophthalates
85.41 Diodes
3805.90 Dipentene, crude
2921.44 Diphenylamine
2809.10 Diphosphorus pentaoxide
3204.14 Direct dyes, synthetic, organic and preparations based thereon
9014.10 Direction finding compasses
88.01 Dirigibles, mechanically driven
8708.30 Disc brake pad assembles for vehicles
90.17 Disc calculators, excluding appartus of heading 84.86
84.32 Disc harrows
9006.61 Discharge lamp ("electronic") flashlight apparatus, photographic
85.39 Discharge lamps, electric
4006.90 Discs of unvulcanised rubber
8523.29 Discs, magnetic, for sound recording or similar recording of other phenomena, prepared but unrecorded
3818.00 Discs, wafers or similar forms of doped chemical elements for electronics
6307.10 Dish cloths
84.22 Dish washing machines
48.23 Dishes, plates, cups and the like, of paper or paperboard
38.08 Disinfectants
2836.20 Disodium carbonate
2835.22 Disodium phosphates
3204.11 Disperse dyes, synthetic, organic
9618.00 Displays, animated, used for shop window dressing
3210.00 Distempers
22.08 Distilled alcoholic beverages
28.53 Distilled water
84.19 Distilling plant, excluding machines of heading 84.86
9030.40 Distortion factor meters, electric
8511.30 Distributors for internal combustion engines
7322.90 Distributors, hot air, of iron or steel, non-electric
84.32 Distributors, solid fertilisers
2930.20 Dithiocarbamates
2930.90 Dithiocarbonates
28.31 Dithionites, metallic
8466.30 Dividing heads, other than apparatus of heading 84.86
8448.11 Dobbies for use with machines
87.09 Dock area works trucks, self-propelled
2309.10 Dog or cat food, put up for retail sale
4103.90 Dog skins, raw
95.03 Dolls' carriages
95.03 Dolls' clothes
95.03 Dolls' prams
95.03 Dolls representing human beings
25.18 Dolomite, agglomerated
25.18 Dolomite, unworked or roughly split
68.02 Dolomite, worked
8302.60 Door closers, automatic
83.02 Door fittings and mountings of base metal
8301.40 Door locks of base metal
4418.20 Doors and door frames, wooden
7308.30 Doors and door thresholds of iron or steel
7610.10 Doors and their frames and thresholds of aluminium
3925.20 Doors, windows and their frames and thresholds for doors, of plastic
3818.00 Doped chemical elements and compounds for use in electronics
8445.20 Doubling machines for textiles (auxiliarymachinery) - parts see 8448.30
7326.90 Dowel pins of iron or steel, not cast
6701.00 Down, further worked than cleaned, disinfected or treated for preservation, and articles thereof
9017.10 Drafting tables and machines
63.03 Drapes of textile materials
8463.10 Draw-benches for bars, tubes, profiles, wire or the like of metal, metal carbides or cermets
9609.90 Drawing chalk
9609.90 Drawing charcoals
3215.90 Drawing ink
90.17 Drawing instruments, other than apparatus of heading 84.86
8445.13 Drawing machines
8444.00 Drawing machines for man-made textile materials
7415.10 Drawing pins of copper or of iron or steel with heads of copper
7317.00 Drawing pins of iron or steel
90.17 Drawing sets (mathematical), other than apparatus of heading 84.86
9701.10 Drawings executed entirely by hand
4906.00 Drawings for architectural, engineering, industrial, commercial or similar purposes
70.04 Drawn glass, in sheets
8905.10 Dredgers
2303.30 Dregs and waste from brewing or distilling
6307.90 Dress patterns of textile materials
43.02 Dressed furskins
6204.4 Dresses for women or girls (excl. knitted and crocheted)
6104.4 Dresses for women or girls, knitted or crocheted
6207.9 Dressing gowns and bathrobes for men and boys (excl knitted and crocheted)
6208.9 Dressing gowns and bathrobes for women or girls (excl. knitted or crocheted)
6108.9 Dressing gowns and bathrobes for women or girls, knitted or crocheted
6107.9 Dressing gowns for men or boys, knitted or crocheted
38.09 Dressings of a kind used in the textile, paper,leather or like industries
30.05 Dressings, for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary uses
3211.00 Driers, prepared
7228.80 Drill bars and rods, hollow, of steel
9018.41 Drill engines, dental
7006.00 Drilled glass, not framed or fitted
8705.20 Drilling derricks, mobile
8465.95 Drilling machines for wood, cork, bone, hard rubber, hard plastics or similar materials
84.59 Drilling machine-tools for removing metal
8905.20 Drilling platforms, floating or submersible
8207.50 Drilling tools interchangeable for hand or machine tools
8205.10 Drilling tools, being hand tools
8467.21 Drills with self-contained electric motor, hand-held
70.13 Drinking glasses
8708.50 Drive-axles with differential
7612.90 Drums of aluminium capacity not exceeding 300 l
73.10 Drums of iron or steel of a capacity not exceeding 300 l
9206.00 Drums, musical
95.03 Drums, musical, toy
4415.10 Drums, wooden
85.06 Dry cell batteries, primary
84.51 Dry-cleaning machines
84.19 Dryers being plant or laboratory equipment,excluding machines of heading 84.86
84.51 Drying machinery for textile yarns, fabrics or made up articles
01.05 Ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea fowls, live
8704.10 Dumpers designed for off-highway use
8472.10 Duplicating machines, hectograph and stencil type
48.02 Duplicating paper, uncoated, in rolls or sheets
96.08 Duplicating styles
4816.90 Duplicator stencil paper
48.09 Duplicator stencil paper, in rolls or in sheets
71.05 Dust and powder of natural or synthetic precious or semi-precious stones
7903.10 Dust of zinc
4115.20 Dust, powder and flour, of leather
6307.10 Dusters and similar cleaning cloths
85.28 DVD player, portable
38.09 Dye carriers of a kind used in the textile, paper,leather or like industries
32.03 Dyeing extracts
84.51 Dyeing machines
1404.90 Dyeing materials of raw vegetable matter
32.03 Dyes of vegetable or animal origin
3212.90 Dyes put up in forms or packings for retail sale
32.04 Dyes, synthetic organic, and preparations based thereon
8511.80 Dynamos for internal combustion engines
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