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8518.30 Earphones
8207.1 Earth boring tools
2821.20 Earth colours, ferrous, containing 70% or more byweight of combined iron evaluated as ferric oxide
84.30 Earth moving, grading, levelling, scraping,excavating, tamping, compacting, extracting orboring machinery
84.74 Earth sorting, screening, separating, washing,crushing, grinding, mixing or kneading machinery
2508.40 Earths, decolourising and fuller's
4017.00 Ebonite
84.04 Economisers for central heating boilers, vapour boilers or super-heated boilers
7006.00 Edge-worked glass, not framed or fitted
3502.10 Egg albumin
84.33 Egg grading, cleaning or sorting machines
0408.1 Egg yolks
04.07 Eggs, (birds) in shell
04.08 Eggs, (birds) not in shell
9404.90 Eiderdowns
7609.00 Elbows of aluminium, for tubes and pipes
73.07 Elbows of iron or steel, for tubes and pipes
78.06 Elbows of lead, for tubes and pipes
7507.20 Elbows of nickel, for tubes and pipes
80.07 Elbows of tin, for tubes and pipes
79.07 Elbows of zinc, for tubes and pipes
6301.10 Electric blankets
85.44 Electric conductors, insulated
85.37 Electric control boards, panels, consoles etc
85.39 Electric filament or discharge lamps
85.14 Electric furnaces for industrial or laboratory use, excluding machines of heading 84.86
85.02 Electric generating sets
8513.10 Electric lamps, portable designed to function by their own source of energy
85.01 Electric motors and generators
92.07 Electric organs, pianos, guitars, accordions and similar instruments
85.14 Electric ovens for industrial or laboratory use, excluding ovens of heading 84.86
85.35 Electrical apparatus for switching, protecting,making connections to or in electrical circuits, for a
85.36 Electrical apparatus for switching, protecting,making connections to or in electrical circuits, for a
85.47 Electrical conduit tubing and joints, for insulatingfittings, of base metal lined with insulating material
90.30 Electrical quantity measuring or checkinginstruments and apparatus
87.09 Electrical works trucks, self-propelled, not fitted with lifting or handling equipment, for short distance transport of goods
9028.30 Electricity meters for supply or production
8456.90 Electro-chemical operated machine-tools for working any material by removal of material
83.11 Electrodes of base metal or of metal carbides,coated or cored with flux material used for soldering, brazing, welding or 8545.1 Electrodes, carbon or graphite
8456.30 Electro-discharge operated machine-tools for working any material by removal of material, excluding machines of 85.05 85.09 Electro-mechanical domestic appliances with selfcontained electric motor, other than vacuum cleaners
84.67 Electro-mechanical tools for working in the hand, with self-contained electric motor
90.18 Electro-medical apparatus
8456.90 Electron beam operated machine-tools
85.15 Electron beam welding or cutting machines, excluding machines of heading 84.86
85.42 Electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies, excluding "smart cards"
9027.20 Electrophoresis instruments
8543.30 Electro-plating electrolysis or electro-phoresis machines and apparatus
Ch. 48 Electro-sensitive base paper or paperboard uncoated
8443.3 Electrostatic photo-copying apparatus
85.16 Electro-thermic appliances, domestic
40.10 Elevator belts or belting of vulcanised rubber
48.08 Embossed paper and paperboard, in rolls or sheets
58.10 Embroidery in the piece, in strips or in motifs
8447.90 Embroidery making machines
73.19 Embroidery needles and stilettos, of iron or steel
6308.00 Embroidery sets consisting of woven fabric and yarn, for retail sale
71.03 Emeralds, natural, not mounted, set or strung
2513.2 Emery, natural corundum, natural garnet and other natural abrasives
3707.10 Emulsions, sensitised, for photographic uses
7006.00 Enamelled glass, not framed or fitted with other materials
3208.20 Enamels, enamel paints, based on acrylic or vinyl polymers, in a non-aqueous medium
3209.10 Enamels, enamel paints, based on acrylic or vinyl polymers, in an aqueous medium
3208.10 Enamels, enamel paints, based on polyesters, in a non-aqueous medium
3207.20 Enamels, vitrifiable
4901.91 Encyclopaedias
7314.1 Endless bands of iron or steel
84.08 Engines, compression-ignition internal combustion piston
84.08 Engines, diesel or semi-diesel
84.12 Engines, hydraulic power
84.12 Engines, pneumatic power
84.12 Engines, reaction
84.07 Engines, spark-ignition reciprocating or rotary
int ernal combustion piston
3207.20 Engobes (slips) and similar preparations
7006.00 Engraved glass, not framed or fitted with other materials
9702.00 Engravings, original
9008.40 Enlargers, photographic
27.10 Enriched crudes
6203.2 Ensembles for men or boys (excl. knitted and crocheted)
6103.2 Ensembles for men or boys, knitted or crocheted
6204.2 Ensembles for women or girls (excl. knitted and crocheted)
6104.2 Ensembles for women or girls, knitted or crocheted
84.41 Envelope making machines
4817.10 Envelopes of paper or paperboard
70.11 Envelopes, glass, open
3202.90 Enzymatic preparations for pre-tanning
35.07 Enzymes, not put up as medicaments; prepared enzymes
2910.30 Epichlorohydrin
3907.30 Epoxide resins, in primary forms
29.10 Epoxides, epoxyalcohols, epoxyphenols and epoxyethers, with a three membered ring
2933.71 Epsilon-caprolactam Ch. 41 Equine leather, tanned or retanned
8304.00 Equipment for desks or offices of base metal
4016.92 Erasers of vulcanised rubber
2936.90 Ergosterol, not put up as medicaments
3003.10 Erythromycin mixtures, put up as medicaments
3004.10 Erythromycin, put as as medicaments in measured dos es or in forms or packings for retail sale
2941.50 Erythyomycin, not put up as medicaments
84.28 Escalators
3301.90 Essential oil aqueous distillates and aqueous solutions
33.01 Essential oil concentrates, obtained by enfleurage or maceration
33.01 Essential oils of vegetable origin
3306.30 Ester gums
29.20 Esters of inorganic acids
2912.12 Ethanal
2909.60 Ether peroxides
2909.4 Ether-alcohols
2909.50 Ether-phenols and ether-alcohol-phenols
2909.1 Ethers, acyclic
2909.30 Ethers, aromatic
3912.3 Ethers, cellulose, in primary forms
2909.20 Ethers, cyclanic, cyclenic or cycloterpenic
9705.00 Ethnographic collections or collectors' pieces
2915.31 Ethyl acetate
2207.20 Ethyl alcohol and other spirits, denatured
2207.10 Ethyl alcohol, undenatured
22.08 Ethyl alcohol, undenatured, other
2903.11 Ethyl chloride
2902.60 Ethylbenzene
2932.21 Ethylcoumarins
2903.15 Ethylene dichloride
2905.31 Ethylene glycol
2910.10 Ethylene oxide
3916.10 Ethylene polymer monofilament
3920.10 Ethylene polymer plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, other than goods of heading 30.06
3916.10 Ethylene polymer rods, sticks and profile shapes
3917.21 Ethylene polymer tubes, pipes and hoses
3915.10 Ethylene polymers waste, scrap and parings
39.01 Ethylene polymers, in primary forms
2901.21 Ethylene, chemically or commercially pure
2711.29 Ethylene, not chemically or commercially pure, in gaseous state
2711.14 Ethylene, not chemically or commercially pure,liquefied
2921.21 Ethylenediamine and its salts
4002.70 Ethylene-propylene-non-conjugated diene rubber (EPDM), in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip
3901.30 Ethylvanillin
3301.29 Eucalyptus oil
94.02 Examination tables, medical, surgical, dental or veterinary
84.30 Excavators, not self-propelled
8429.5 Excavators, self-propelled
4202.1 Executive-cases
4820.20 Exercise books
6806.20 Exfoliated vermiculite
8708.92 Exhaust pipes and silencers for vehicles
6806.20 Expanded clays
7419.99 Expanded metal of copper
7314.50 Expanded metal of iron or steel
7318.19 Expansion bolts of iron or steel
90.27 Expansion measuring or checking instruments and apparatus
3602.00 Explosives, prepared, other than propellent powders
9027.80 Exposure meters
1603.00 Extracts and juices of meat and fish
3001.20 Extracts of glands or other organs or of their secretions for organo-therapeutic uses
32.01 Extracts, tanning of vegetable origin, excluding compounds of mercury
84.77 Extruders for rubber or plastics, other than machines of heading 84.86
8444.00 Extruding machines for man-made textile materials
3304.20 Eye make-up preparations
8308.10 Eyes, eyelets and hooks etc of base metal
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