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Alphabetical Index To Commodities & HS Code No
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Self-opening dieheads, other t heading 84.86
30.06 Haemostatics
81.12 Hafnium and articles of hafnium
0502.10 Hair and bristles of pigs, hogs or boars
9603.29 Hair brushes
8510.20 Hair clippers with self-contained electric motors
8214.90 Hair clippers, hand operated, non-electric
3305.90 Hair creams and hair oils
8516.31 Hair dryers, electro-thermic
3305.30 Hair lacquers (hair spray)
33.05 Hair preparations
3305.20 Hair waving or straightening preparations
51.05 Hair, animal, carded or combed
0502.90 Hair, animal, for brush-making
5104.00 Hair, animal, garnetted stock
51.02 Hair, animal, not carded or combed
6703.00 Hair, human, dressed, thinned, bleached or otherwise worked
0501.00 Hair, human, unworked; waste of human hair
8615.90 Hair-curlers
8516.32 Hair-curlers, electro-thermic
8516.3 Hair-dressing apparatus, electro-thermic
6505.10 Hair-nets
9615.90 Hairpins
9615.1 Hair-slides
9114.10 Hair-springs for watches and clocks
23.12 Halides and halide oxides for non-metals
4002.3 Halo-isobutene-isoprene rubber (CIIR or BIIR), in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip
8205.20 Hammers (incl. sledge hammers), hand, base metal, not power operated
8462.10 Hammers, forging or die-stamping for working metals or metal carbides
1602.41 Hams and cuts thereof
84.14 Hand- or foot-operated air pumps
8214.90 Hand pieces for sheep shearing machines
84.13 Hand pumps for liquids
82.02 Hand saws, and blades for hand saws
9604.00 Hand sieves and hand riddles
82.01 Hand tools of a kind used in agriculture, horticulture or forestry
84.67 Hand tools, pneumatic or with self-contained nonelectric motor
84.67 Hand tools, with a self-contained electric motor
4202.2 Handbags
4303.90 Handbags of furskin
8516.33 Hand-drying apparatus, electro-thermic
84.68 Hand-held blow pipes
4818.20 Handkerchiefs of paper
62.13 Handkerchiefs, not knitted or crocheted
6603.90 Handles and knobs for umbrellas, walking-sticks,seat-sticks, whips, riding crops and the like
4417.00 Handles for tools, brushes and brooms, of wood
83.02 Handles of base metal
5804.30 Hand-made lace
4802.10 Hand-made paper and paperboard, uncoated, in
rolls or s heets
5702.10 Hand-woven rugs
4017.00 Hard rubber in all forms
3913.90 Hardened proteins, in primary forms
4301.80 Hare furskin, raw, whole
4302.19 Hare furskin, tanned or dressed, whole
9205.90 Harmoniums
4201.00 Harness for any animal
9202.90 Harps
9201.90 Harpsichords
84.32 Harrows
84.33 Harvesting machinery
5901.90 Hat foundation fabrics
6507.00 Hat foundations, linings, covers and frames
8449.00 Hat making blocks
6501.00 Hat-forms, hat bodies and hoods of felt
8302.50 Hat-racks and hat-pegs of base metal
6505.90 Hats and headgear made up from felt or other textile fabric in the piece
6505.90 Hats and headgear made up from lace
6505.90 Hats and other headgear, knitted or crocheted
6504.00 Hats and other headgear, plaited
6505.90 Hats of felt and other felt headgear, made from the hat bodies, hoods or plateaux of 65.01
6502.00 Hat-shapes, plaited or made by assembling strips of any material
8201.90 Hay knives
84.33 Haymaking machinery
0802.2 Hazelnuts or filberts, fresh or dried
6507.00 Head-bands
6506.10 Headgear for safety
68.12 Headgear of asbestos or asbestos and magnesium carbonate based mixtures
6507.00 Headgear peaks and straps
8518.30 Headphones
4301.90 Heads, tails, paws and other pieces or cuttings of furskins
4302.20 Heads, tails, paws and other pieces or cuttings of furskins, tanned or dressed, not assembled
8448.42 Healds and heald-frames
90.21 Hearing aids and parts therefor
90.21 Heart pacemakers
69.08 Hearth tiles, ceramic, glazed
69.07 Hearth tiles, ceramic, unglazed
8419.50 Heat exchange units
90.27 Heat measuring or checking instruments and apparatus
90.26 Heat meters for liquids or gases
7322.90 Heaters, air and hot air distributors, of iron or steel, non electric
8516.10 Heaters, water, instantaneous or storage, and immersion, electric
8516.2 Heating apparatus for space or soil, electric
85.14 Heating equipment, electric, induct or di-electric,for industrial or lab use, excluding machines of heading 84.86
85.45 Heating resistors, carbon
8516.80 Heating resistors, electric, not of carbon
6806.90 Heat-insulating mineral materials
4802.20 Heat-sensitive base paper or paperboard, uncoated,in rolls or sheets
8201.60 Hedge shears
6406.9 Heel cushions
7320.20 Helical springs of iron or steel
8802.1 Helicopters, complete
2911.00 Hemiacetals
53.02 Hemp, true, raw or processed but not spun
3001.90 Heparin
38.08 Herbicides
29.33 Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen heteroatom(s) only
29.32 Heterocyclic compounds with oxygen heteroatom(s) only
29.34 Heterocyclic compounds, excluding compounds of mercury
82.01 Hewing tools
2903.62 Hexachlorobenzene
3206.49 Hexacyanoferrate (ferrocyanides and ferricyanide) based pigments and preparations
2921.22 Hexamethylenediamine
3504.00 Hide powder, excluding compounds of mercury
41.03 Hides and skins of animals, raw
41.01 Hides and skins of bovine or equine animals, raw
73.04 High pressure hydro-electric conduit of steel
8302.10 Hinges of base metal
9705.00 Historical collections or collectors' pieces
84.32 Hoes
8201.30 Hoes, hand, of base metal
84.25 Hoists and pulley tackle
7228.80 Hollow drill bars and rods of steel
73.06 Hollow profiles of iron or steel with an external diameter not exceeding 406.4 mm
73.04 Hollow profiles, seamless, of iron or steel
4202.9 Holsters
2104.20 Homogenised composite food preparations
17.02 Honey, artificial
0409.00 Honey, natural
84.60 Honing machine-tools for metal, metal carbides or cermets
84.14 Hoods, recycling or ventilating, incorporating a fan
8607.30 Hooks and other coupling devices for locomotives
8308.10 Hooks, eyes and eyelets etc of base metal
44.04 Hoopwood
12.10 Hop cones, fresh or dried
84.23 Hopper scales
29.37 Hormones
9601.90 Horn, worked and articles of horn
8512.30 Horns, electrical
41.04 Horse skins and hides, raw
2308.00 Horse-chestnuts of a kind used for animal feed
5113.00 Horsehair woven fabrics
5110.00 Horsehair yarn
0511.99 Horsehair, unworked or unspun or washed, scoured, bleached or dyed
4201.00 Horse-rugs
01.01 Horses, live
82.01 Horticultural hand tools
84.32 Horticultural machinery for soil preparations or cultivation
5909.00 Hosepiping of textiles and similar textile tubing
40.09 Hoses of vulcanised rubber
39.17 Hoses, and fittings therefor, of plastic
61.15 Hosiery (knitted or crocheted)
8448.49 Hosiery needles for machines
6115.10 Hosiery, graduated compression
94.02 Hospital beds with mechanical fittings
8539.31 Hot cathode lamps
39.24 Household and toilet articles of plastic
7418.10 Household articles of copper
69.11 Household articles of porcelain or china
6912.00 Household articles, ceramic
84.23 Household scales
84.52 Household sewing machines
84.50 Household washing machines
30.02 Human blood and its products
6704.20 Human hair wigs
6703.00 Human hair, dressed, thinned, bleached or otherwise worked
30.01 Human substances prepared for organo-therapeutic uses
95.07 Hunting requisites
2933.21 Hydantoin
3819.00 Hydraulic brake fluids containing 70% or less by weight of petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals
84.25 Hydraulic jacks and hoists
84.12 Hydraulic power engines and motors
8462.91 Hydraulic presses for working metal or metal carbides
3819.00 Hydraulic transmission liquids containing 70% or less by weight of petroleum oils or oils obtained
84.10 Hydraulic turbines
2825.10 Hydrazine and hydroxylamine
2928.00 Hydrazine or hydrozylamine, organic derivatives thereof
28.50 Hydrides, excluding compounds of mercury
28.43 Hydrides, precious metal, excluding compounds of mercury
29.04 Hydrocarbons, derivatives thereof
2806.10 Hydrochloric acid
73.04 Hydro-electric conduit, high pressures, of steel
2804.10 Hydrogen
2811.11 Hydrogen fluoride
2847.00 Hydrogen peroxide
90.15 Hydrographic instruments and appliances
4905.9 Hydrographic or similar charts
90.15 Hydrological instruments and appliances
90.25 Hydrometers
2907.22 Hydroquinone
28.31 Hydrosulphites, stabilised by organic substances
70.17 Hygienic glassware
40.14 Hygienic or pharmaceutical articles of vulcanized rubber
90.25 Hygrometers
28.28 Hypobromites, metallic
28.28 Hypochlorites, metallic
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