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Alphabetical Index To Commodities & HS Code No
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0511.99 Kangaroo and wallaby meat, unfit for human consumption
4301.80 Kangaroo furskin, raw, whole
41.07 Kangaroo leather, without hair on
0208.90 Kangaroo meat and edible offal, fresh, chilled or frozen, fit for human consumption
4103.90 Kangaroo skins, raw
2507.00 Kaolin and other kaolinic clays
1402.10 Kapok, for stuffing or use as padding
5702.10 Karamanie rugs
5702.10 Kelem rugs
26.21 Kelp ash
1212.99 Kernels, apricot, peach or plum
2710.99 Kerosene and other medium oils
2909.60 Ketone peroxides
2914.70 Ketone, derivatives
2914.40 Ketone-alcohols and ketone-aldehydes
2914.50 Ketone-phenols and ketones with other oxygen function
2914.3 Ketones, aromatic without other oxygen function
2914.2 Ketones, cyclanic, cyclenic or cycloterpenic without other oxygen function
9205.90 Keyboard instruments with free metal reeds
9207.10 Keyboard instruments, electric
9205.90 Keyboard pipe organs
92.01 Keyboard stringed instruments
8301.70 Keys for locks and padlocks, presented separately,of base metal
4106.2 Kid skin leather, tanned or retanned
3802.90 Kieselguhr, activated
2512.00 Kieselguhr, not activated
2530.20 Kieserite
73.23 Kitchen and other household articles of iron or steel
7615.1 Kitchen articles of aluminium
7418.1 Kitchen articles of copper
8214.90 Kitchen cleavers, choppers and mincing knives
82.15 Kitchen cutlery of base metal
94.03 Kitchen furniture
70.13 Kitchen glassware
63.02 Kitchen linen
8509.80 Kitchen waste disposers, with self contained electric motor, domestic-type
3924.10 Kitchenware of plastic
6911.10 Kitchenware of porcelain or china
6912.00 Kitchenware, ceramic (excl. porcelain or china)
4419.00 Kitchenware, of wood
8540.72 Klystrons
8474.30 Kneading machinery for earth, stone, ores or othermineral substances
60.01 Knitted or crocheted pile fabrics and terry fabrics
8448.5 Knitting machine auxiliary machinery and parts
84.47 Knitting machines
7319.90 Knitting needles of iron or steel
82.08 Knives for machines or mechanical appliances
82.11 Knives with cutting blades
8214.90 Knives, mincing
8214.10 Knives, paper or erasing
83.02 Knobs of base metal
9603.90 Knots prepared for broom or brush making
4810.3 Kraft paper and paperboard coated with inorganic substances, in rolls or sheets
48.04 Kraft paper and paperboard, uncoated, in rolls or sheets
4808.30 Kraft paper, (excl. sack kraft) creped or crinkled, in rolls or sheets
4804.1 Kraftliner, in rolls or sheets, uncoated.
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Alphabetical Index To Commodities & HS Code No  
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