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Alphabetical Index To Commodities & HS Code No
Know your commodity comes in which chapter
0714.10 Manioc, fresh or dried
55.05 Man-made fibre waste
2905.43 Mannitol
90.26 Manometers for liquids or gases
9032.20 Manostats
62.14 Mantillas, veils and the like (excl. knitted or crocheted)
6117.10 Mantillas, veils and the like, knitted or crocheted
4904.00 Manuscript music sheets
4202.9 Map-cases
1702.20 Maple sugar and maple syrup
4905.9 Maps
9206.00 Maraccas
68.02 Marble, further worked than roughly split or squared
2515.1 Marble, unworked or roughly split, roughly squared or squared by sawing, not further worked
15.17 Margarine
8406.10 Marine propulsion turbines
90.17 Marking-out instruments, other than apparatus of heading 84.86
2007.91 Marmalades
4420.90 Marquetry, of wood
4113.90 Marsupial leather
9020.00 Masks, protective
7326.90 Masonry anchors of iron or steel, not cast
9019.10 Massage apparatus
7405.00 Master alloys of copper
3214.10 Mastics
3605.00 Matches
0903.00 Mate
2101.20 Mate extracts, essences and concentrates and preparations
90.17 Mathematical calculating instruments, other than apparatus of heading 84.86
85.23 Matrices and masters for the production of records
70.19 Mats of glass fibre
46.01 Mats of plaiting materials
4016.91 Mats of vulcanised rubber
81.05 Mattes of cobalt
7501.10 Mattes, nickel
46.01 Matting of plaiting materials
8201.30 Mattocks
9404.10 Mattress supports
6306.4 Mattresses, pneumatic, of textile materials
2206.00 Mead
11.05 Meal and flakes of potatoes
1106.10 Meal of dried leguminous vegetables
12.08 Meal of oil seeds or oleaginous fruits
1103.1 Meal, cereal
1208.10 Meal, soya bean
23.01 Meals, flours and pellets of meat, meat offal, fish or aquatic invertebrates, unfit for human consumption
90.30 Measuring instruments, and apparatus for measuring or checking electrical quantities
02.10 Meat and edible meat offal, salted, in brine, dried or smoked
02.07 Meat and edible offal of poultry, fresh, chilled or frozen
02.10 Meat and meat offal, edible flours and meals thereof
1603.00 Meat extracts and juices
02.01 Meat of bovine animals, fresh or chilled
02.02 Meat of bovine animals, frozen
02.05 Meat of horses, asses, mules or hinnies
02.04 Meat of sheep or goats, fresh, chilled or frozen
02.03 Meat of swine, fresh, chilled or frozen
84.38 Meat or poultry preparation machinery
1603.00 Meat, fish, crustaceans, molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates extracts and juices
16.02 Meat, meat offal or blood, prepared or preserved
84.24 Mechanical appliances for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids or powder,other than machines of
84.30 Mechanical shovels, not self-propelled
8429.5 Mechanical shovels, self-propelled
84.16 Mechanical stokers, grates, ash dischargers and similar appliances
4701.00 Mechanical wood pulp
9019.10 Mechano-therapy appliances
94.02 Medical furniture
90.18 Medical instruments and apparatus
3003.90 Medicaments containing acetylsalicylic acid Medicaments for therapeutic or prophylactic uses
2933.61 Melamine
3909.20 Melamine resins, in primary forms
0807.1 Melons, fresh
4820.10 Memorandum pads and similar articles
9508.00 Menageries, travelling
62.01 Men's or boys' overcoats, car-coats, capes, cloaks, anoraks, wind-cheaters and similar articles
61.01 Men's or boys' overcoats, car-coats, capes, cloaks,anoraks, wind-cheaters and similar articles, knitted
62.05 Men's or boys' shirts (excl. knitted and crocheted)
61.05 Men's or boys' shirts, knitted or crocheted
62.07 Men's or boys' singlets and other vests, underpants,briefs, nightshirts, pyjamas, bathrobes, dressing
61.07 Men's or boys' singlets and other vests, underpants,briefs, nightshirts, pyjamas, bathrobes, dressing
62.03 Men's or boys' suits, ensembles, jackets, blazers,trousers, bib and brace overalls, breeches and shorts
61.03 Men's or boys' suits, ensembles, jackets, blazers,trousers, bib and brace overalls, breeches
6211.11 Men's or boys' swimwear (excl. knitted or crocheted)
6112.3 Men's or boys' swimwear, knitted or crocheted
2906.11 Menthol
2805.40 Mercury
85.40 Mercury arc rectifying valves and tubes
28.52 Mercury compounds, excluding amalgams
30.03 Mercury in colloidal suspension, medical
73.14 Mesh of iron or steel
1001.90 Meslin, unmilled
8209.00 Metal carbide tool plates, sticks, tips and the like,unmounted, sintered
3824.30 Metal carbides, non-agglomerated, mixed together or with metallic binders
8203.30 Metal cutting shears
84.80 Metal foundry moulding boxes
41.01 Mule skins and hides, raw
2508.60 Mullite
7016.90 Multicellular glass, in blocks, panels, plates, shells or similar forms
90.30 Multimeters, for measuring or checking electrical quantities
4810.92 Multi-ply paper and paperboard coated with inorganic substances, in rolls or sheets
48.05 Multi-ply paper and paperboard, in rolls or sheets, uncoated
8457.30 Multi-station transfer machines for working metal
93.06 Munitions of war
2204.2 Muscat
0602.91 Mushroom spawn
20.03 Mushrooms and truffles prepared or preserved, otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid
0709.5 Mushrooms and truffles, fresh or chilled
2001.90 Mushrooms and truffles, prepared or preserved by vinegar or acetic acid
0712.3 Mushrooms, dried, whole, cut, sliced or in powder
4904.00 Music, printed or in manuscript
9208.10 Musical boxes
95.03 Musical boxes, toy
4202.9 Musical instrument cases
9209.30 Musical instrument strings
95.03 Musical instruments being toys
92.07 Musical instruments the sound of which is produced or amplified electrically
0307.3 Mussels, live, fresh, frozen, dried, salted or in brine
1605.90 Mussels, prepared or preserved, not simply frozen, dried, salted or in brine
2103.30 Mustard flour, meal and prepared mustard
15.14 Mustard oil, crude or refined but not chemicallymodified
1207.50 Mustard seeds
9303.10 Muzzle-loading firearms
4201.00 Muzzles
Petroleum oils and oils obtain materials, other than crude
94.03 Metal furniture
85.15 Metal spraying machines and apparatus, electric, other than machines of heading 84.86
8311.90 Metal spraying wire and rods, of agglomerated base metal powder, cored or coated with flux material
3810.10 Metal surface pickling preparations
9024.10 Metal testing machines and appliances
3212.90 Metallic powder and flakes of a kind used in the manufacture of paints
4114.20 Metallised leather
5605.00 Metallised yarn
84.55 Metal-rolling mills and rolls therefor
90.15 Meteorological instruments and appliances
2916.13 Methacrylic acid
2916.14 Methacrylic acid esters
2912.11 Methanal
2905.11 Methanol
2930.40 Methionine
2903.11 Methyl chloride
2914.22 Methyl cyclohexanones
2914.23 Methyl ionones
2914.13 Methyl isobutyl ketone
2921.11 Methylamine, di- or trimethylamine
2932.21 Methylcoumarins
2903.12 Methylene chloride
9209.99 Metronomes
25.25 Mica
68.14 Mica, agglomerated or reconstituted
68.14 Mica, worked beyond mere rifting and trimming and articles of mica
85.42 Microassemblies, electronic, other than 'smart cards'
85.42 Microcircuits, electronic, other than 'smart cards'
90.06 Microfilm cameras
3705.90 Microfilms, exposed and developed, photographic
9008.20 Microform readers
9017.30 Micrometers, measuring
3821.00 Micro-organism culture media, prepared
3002.90 Micro-organism cultures
2102.20 Micro-organism, single cell, dead
8518.30 Microphone/speaker sets, combined
8518.10 Microphones and stands therefor
90.11 Microscopes, optical, other than apparatus of heading 84.86
9012.10 Microscopes, other than apparatus of heading 84.86
7002.10 Microspheres of glass, exceeding 1 mm in diameter
7018.20 Microspheres of glass, not exceeding 1 mm in diameter
9027.90 Microtomes
8516.50 Microwave ovens, domestic
8540.4 Microwave tubes
90.29 Mileometers
9301.00 Military weapons
04.02 Milk and cream, concentrated or containing added sugar
04.02 Milk, concentrated or containing added sugar, in powder, granules or other solid forms
04.01 Milk, not concentrated nor containing added sugar
84.34 Milking machines
5601.30 Mill neps
1008.20 Millet, unmilled
84.37 Milling industry machinery and parts therefor
8465.92 Milling machines (by cutting) for wood, cork,bone, hard rubber, hard plastics or similar materials
84.59 Milling machine-tools for removing metal
8207.70 Milling tools, interchangeable, for hand or machine tools
84.55 Mills, metal-rolling
68.04 Millstones
8474.80 Mineral agglomerating, shaping or moulding machinery
9602.00 Mineral carving material, worked and articles of mineral carving material
84.74 Mineral fuel agglomerating, shaping or moulding machinery
6806.90 Mineral materials for heat-insulating, soundinsulating or sound-absorbing
6806.20 Mineral materials, expanded
3802.90 Mineral products, natural, activated (ionexchangers)
84.74 Mineral sorting, screening, separating, washing, crushing, grinding, mixing or kneading machinery
22.02 Mineral waters and aerated waters containing added sugar or other sweetening matter, or flavoured
2201.10 Mineral waters and aerated waters, not containing sweetening matter, nor flavoured
27.12 Mineral waxes
34.04 Mineral waxes, chemically modified
84.64 Mineral working machine-tools, other than machines of heading 84.86
9705.00 Mineralogical collections or collectors' pieces
6806.10 Minerals wools
93.06 Mines and parts thereof
4301.10 Mink furskin, raw, whole
8306.30 Mirrors of base metal
70.09 Mirrors, glass
9002.90 Mirrors, mounted, optically worked
9001.90 Mirrors, unmounted, optically worked
93.06 Missiles
6116.9 Mittens and mitts, knitted or crocheted, textile
6216.00 Mittens and mitts, textile (excl. knitted or crocheted)
4203.2 Mittens of leather or composition leather
1901.20 Mixes and doughs for the preparation of bakers' wares of 19.05
8474.8 Mixing machinery for earth, stone, ores or other mineral substances
4002.80 Mixtures of natural and synthetic rubber
8426.1 Mobile lifting frames
9602.00 Modelling paste articles, moulded or carved
3407.00 Modelling pastes
95.03 Models to scale, being toys
9023.00 Models, demonstrational
17.03 Molasses resulting from the extraction or refining of sugar
03.07 Molluscs, live, fresh, frozen, dried, salted or in brine
1605.90 Molluscs, prepared or preserved, not simply frozen, dried, salted or in brine
2607.00 Molybdates, lead, natural
2841.70 Molybdates, metallic
8102.99 Molybdenum articles
8102.9 Molybdenum bars, rods, profiles, plates, sheets,strip and foil
26.13 Molybdenum ores and concentrates
28.25 Molybdenum oxide, natural, excluding compounds of mercury
2825.70 Molybdenum oxides and hydroxides
8102.10 Molybdenum powders
8102.97 Molybdenum waste and scrap
8102.96 Molybdenum wire
8102.94 Molybdenum, unwrought
2612.20 Monazite
7108.20 Monetary gold
84.76 Money-changing machines
85.28 Monitors not incorporating television reception apparatus
85.28 Monitors, video
2835.22 Mono- or disodium phosphates
2921.4 Monoamines, aromatic
2909.43 Monobutyl ethers of ethylene glycol or of diethylene glycol
2916.20 Monocarboxylic acids (cyclanic, cyclenic or cycloterpenic)
2916.3 Monocarboxylic acids, aromatic
29.15 Monocarboxylic acids, saturated, acyclic
29.16 Monocarboxylic acids, unsaturated
38.23 Monocarboxylic fatty acids, industrial
85.28 Monochrome television or video receivers
90.05 Monoculars
2922.11 Monoethanolamine
39.16 Monofilament of which any cross-sectional dimension exceeds 1 mm of plastic
56.04 Monofilament yarn and strip impregnated, coated, covered or sheathed with rubber or plastics
54.05 Monofilament, artificial, of 67 decitex or more and of which no cross-sectional dimension exceeds 1
54.03 Monofilament, artificial, of less than 67 decitex
54.04 Monofilament, synthetic, of 67 decitex or more and of which no cross-sectional dimension exceeds 1
54.02 Monofilament, synthetic, of less than 67 decitex
2909.44 Monomethyl ethers of ethylene glycol or of diethylene glycol
2907.1 Monophenols, pure
68.02 Monumental stone further worked than roughly split or squared
87.11 Mopeds
9603.90 Mops
3204.12 Mordant dyes, synthetic, organic
38.09 Mordants of a kind used in the textile, paper,leather or like industries
8474.31 Mortar mixers
3824.40 Mortar, prepared additives therefor
3824.50 Mortars and concretes, non-refractory
3816.00 Mortars, refractory
8465.95 Morticing machines for wood, cork, bone, hard rubber, hard plastics or similar materials
69.08 Mosaic cubes and the like, ceramic, glazed
69.07 Mosaic cubes and the like, ceramic, unglazed
68.02 Mosaic cubes and the like, of natural stone
7016.10 Mosaic cubes of glass
12.11 Mosses used primarily in perfumery, in pharmacy or for insecticidal, fungicidal or similar purposes
0604.10 Mosses, suitable for ornamental purposes
9601.90 Mother-of-pearl, worked and articles of mother-ofpearl
4011.10 Motor car pneumatic tyres, new
87.03 Motor cars, passenger
83.02 Motor vehicle coachwork fittings and mountings of base metal
8301.20 Motor vehicle locks of base metal
9401.20 Motor vehicle seats
87.04 Motor vehicles for the transportation of goods
87.03 Motor vehicles, passenger
87.02 Motor vehicles, passenger, public-transport type
8903.92 Motorboats
4011.40 Motorcycle pneumatic tyres, new
87.11 Motorcycles
87.11 Motorised cycles
85.01 Motors, electric
84.80 Mould bases for metal foundry
34.03 Mould release preparations
9602.00 Moulded articles of wax, stearin, natural gums or resins
44.09 Moulded wood
84.80 Moulding boxes for metal foundry
8474.80 Moulding machinery for mineral products
8465.92 Moulding machines (by cutting) for wood, cork, bone, hard rubber, hard plastics or similar materials
84.77 Moulding machines for rubber or plastics, other than machines of heading 84.86
8480.30 Moulding patterns for metal foundry
84.54 Moulds for ingots
84.80 Moulds for metal or metal carbides, glass, mineral materials, rubber or plastics, other than apparatus of
8708.30 Mounted brake linings for vehicles
8541.60 Mounted piezo-electric crystals
90.03 Mountings for spectacles and goggles etc
83.02 Mountings, fittings, etc, of base metal, for doors,staircases, windows, blinds, coachwork, saddlery,
9205.90 Mouth organs
95.03 Mouth organs, toy
91.09 Movements for clocks, complete and assembled
91.10 Movements for watches or clocks
91.08 Movements for watches, complete and assembled,without cases
84.33 Mowers for lawns, parks or sports-grounds
85.19 MP3 players
1302.3 Mucilages and thickeners, derived from vegetableproducts
87.08 Mufflers for road motor vehicles or tractors
6117.10 Mufflers of textile fibres, knitted or crocheted
62.14 Mufflers of textile fibres, not knitted or crocheted
69.03 Muffles, refractory
2517.20 Macadam of slag, dross or similar industrial waste
2517.30 Macadam, tarred
19.02 Macaroni
0908.20 Mace
82.08 Machine knives and cutting blades Machine saw blades
8401.20 Machinery and apparatus for isotopic separation
84.19 Machinery for the treatment of materials by a process involving a change of temperature, other than machines of heading
42.05 Machinery parts of leather or composition leather
8474.80 Machines for forming foundry moulds of sand
84.70 Machines incorporating a calculating device
84.64 Machine-tools for stone, ceramics, concrete,asbestos-cement and the like or for cold working glass, other than machines
84.63 Machine-tools for working metal, sintered metal carbides or cermets without removing metal
84.65 Machine-tools for working wood, cork, bone, hard rubber hard plastics or similar hard materials, other than machines of 8457.10
2519.90 Magnesia, fused or deadburned
81.04 Magnesium and articles of magnesium; waste and scrap thereof
2519.10 Magnesium carbonate, natural
2827.31 Magnesium chloride
2816.10 Magnesium hydroxide and peroxide
25.19 Magnesium oxide
3104.90 Magnesium potassium sulphate
8104.30 Magnesium powders
2530.20 Magnesium sulphate, natural
2833.21 Magnesium sulphates, artificial
8511.20 Magnetic flywheels
85.15 Magnetic pulse welding or cutting machines and apparatus, other than machiness of heading 84.86
84.71 Magnetic readers
85.19 Magnetic sound recording apparatus
8511.20 Magneto-dynamos
8540.71 Magnetrons
8505.1 Magnets, permanent
8472.30 Mail sorting or folding machines
86.04 Maintenance vehicles for railways or tramways
2302.10 Maize bran, sharps and other residues
1102.20 Maize flour
1515.2 Maize oil, crude or refined but not chemically modified
1005.90 Maize, unmilled
9603.20 Make-up brushes
33.04 Make-up preparations
2917.14 Maleic anhydride
2933.52 Malonylurea and its derivatives
11.07 Malt
1901.90 Malt extract
6501.00 Manchons, of felt
0805.20 Mandarins; clementines, wilkings and similar citrus hybrids, fresh or dried
29.18 Mandelic acid
81.11 Manganese and articles of manganese; waste and scrap thereof
2602.00 Manganese ores and concentrates
28.20 Manganese oxides
2802.00 Manganiferous iron ores and concentrates
2841.60 Manganites, metallic; manganates, metallic
0804.50 Mangoes and mangosteens, fresh or dried
3304.30 Manicure or pedicure preparations
8214.20 Manicure sets and instruments
4820.40 Manifold business forms
Paints based on acrylic or vin medium
Paints based on polyesters, in medium
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