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Alphabetical Index To Commodities & HS Code No
Know your commodity comes in which chapter
2713.1 Petroleum coke
27.11 Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons
2712.10 Petroleum jelly
2709.00 Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous
3911.10 Petroleum resins, coumarone, indene or coumarone-indene resins and polyterpenes in primary forms
2712.90 Petroleum wax
84.21 Petrol-filters for internal combustion engines
6208.1 Petticoats for women or girls (excl. knitted or crocheted)
6108.1 Petticoats for women or girls, knitted or crocheted
90.27 Ph and rh meters
2933.11 Phanazone (antipyrin)
1905.90 Pharmaceutical cachets, empty
70.17 Pharmaceutical glassware
2922.29 Phenetidines
2907.11 Phenol (hydroxybenzene)
29.08 Phenol and phenol alcohol derivatives
2907.30 Phenol-alcohols
3909.40 Phenol-formaldehyde, in primary forms
3909.40 Phenolic resins, in primary forms
2707.99 Phenols produced from the distillation of high tem perature coal tar
29.07 Phenols, chemically or commercially pure
2707.99 Phenols, not chemically or commercially pure
3004.10 Phenoxymethylpenicillin and its salts, in measured doses
3003.10 Phenoxymethylpenicillin and its salts, not in measured doses
2916.34 Phenylacetic acid
29.18 Phenylglycolic acid
70.10 Phials, glass
28.35 Phosphates and polyphosphates, inorganic metallic, excluding compunds of mercury
25.10 Phosphates, natural, calcium and aluminium; phosphatic chalk
31.03 Phosphatic fertilisers, mineral or chemical
28.48 Phosphides, excluding compounds of mercury
28.43 Phosphides, precious metal, excluding compounds of mercury
2835.10 Phosphinates, metallic
2835.10 Phosphonates, metallic
28.48 Phosphor copper
2809.20 Phosphoric acid and polyphosphoric acids
29.19 Phosphoric esters
29.20 Phosphorothioates
2804.70 Phosphorus
28.13 Phosphorus trisulphides, commercial
84.43 Photo-copying apparatus
9015.40 Photogrammetrical surveying instruments and appliances
8306.30 Photograph frames of base metal
90.06 Photographic cameras
37.07 Photographic chemicals, excluding compounds of mercury
3707.10 Photographic emulsions, sensitised
9008.40 Photographic enlargers and reducers
37.02 Photographic film in rolls, sensitised, unexposed, of any material
9006.6 Photographic flashlight apparatus and flashbulbs
90.10 Photographic laboratory equipment, other than apparatus of heading 84.86
37.03 Photographic paper, paperboard and textiles,sensitised and unex posed
37.01 Photographic plates and film in the flat, sensitised,unexposed, of any material
37.05 Photographic plates and film, exposed and developed
3704.00 Photographic plates, film, paper, paperboard and textiles, exposed but not developed
4911.91 Photographs, printed
90.27 Photometres
85.15 Photon beam welding or cutting machines and apparatus, other than machines of heading 84.86
4802.20 Photo-sensitive base paper or paperboard, uncoated
8541.40 Photosensitive semi-conductor devices
84.42 Phototype-setting and composing machines
8541.40 Photovoltaic cells
2917.35 Phthalic anhydride
92.01 Pianolas
92.01 Pianos
9207.10 Pianos, electric
95.03 Pianos, toy
8522.10 Pick up cartridges for turntables
44.04 Pickets, wooden
2001.90 Pickles
3810.10 Pickling preparations for metal surfaces
8201.30 Picks, digging
4903.00 Picture books for children
8306.30 Picture frames of base metal
4414.00 Picture frames, wooden
4911.91 Pictures, printed
8541.60 Piezo-electric crystals, mounted
7104.10 Piezo-electric quartz, synthetic, not mounted, set
02.09 Pig and poultry fat, fresh, chilled, frozen, dried, smoked, salted or in brine
1501.00 Pig and poultry fat, rendered
72.01 Pig iron in pigs, blocks or other primary forms
72.05 Pig iron powders and granules
4106.3 Pig leather, without hair on
3206.49 Pigments and preparations based on cadmium compounds
3206.20 Pigments and preparations based on chromium compounds
3206.49 Pigments and preparations based on hexacyanoferrates
3206.11 Pigments and preparations based on titanium dioxide
3204.17 Pigments, being synthetic organic products, and preparations based thereon
3212.90 Pigments, dispersed in non-aqueous media, in liquid or paste form
3207.10 Pigments, prepared, of a kind used in the ceramic, enamelling or glass industry
01.03 Pigs, live
39.25 Plastic reservoirs, tanks, vats and similar containers
39.16 Plastic rods, sticks and profile shapes
39.19 Plastic self-adhesive plates, sheets, film, foil, tape, strip and other flat shapes
3925.30 Plastic shutters, blinds and similar articles
3923.40 Plastic spools, cops, bobbins and similar supports
3926.40 Plastic statuettes and other ornamental articles
3926.10 Plastic supplies for schools or offices
3924.10 Plastic tableware and kitchenware
39.17 Plastic tubes, pipes and hoses and fittings therefor
39.18 Plastic wall or ceiling coverings
39.25 Plastic ware for use by builders
39.15 Plastic waste, scrap and parings
3812.20 Plasticisers, compound, for rubber or plastic
9024.80 Plastics testing machines and appliances
84.77 Plastics working machines, other than machines of heading 84.86
73.21 Plate warmers, non-electric domestic, of iron or steel
6501.00 Plateaux of felt
9114.40 Plates and bridges for watches and clocks
7610.90 Plates of aluminium for use in structures
76.06 Plates of aluminium, thickness exceeding 0.2 mm
83.11 Plates of base metal or of metal carbides, coated or cored with flux material
74.09 Plates of copper, of a thickness exceeding 0.15 mm
7804.1 Plates of lead
8102.95 Plates of molybdenum
75.06 Plates of nickel
39.20 Plates of plastic other than self-adhesive, noncellular and not combined with other materials, other than goods of heading 39.21
8209.00 Plates of sintered metal carbides or cermets, for tools, unmounted
80.07 Plates of tin, thickness exceeding 0.2 mm
8101.9 Plates of tungsten
7905.00 Plates of zinc
4823.6 Plates, cups and the like of paper or paperboard
37.05 Plates, exposed and developed, photographic
8310.00 Plates, name, sign, address and the like of base metal
3704.00 Plates, photographic, exposed but not developed
39.19 Plates, self-adhesive, of plastic
39.19 Plates, sheets, film, foil, tape, strip and other flat shapes of plastics, self-adhesive
8905.20 Platforms, drilling or production
7115.10 Platinum catalysts, in the form of wire cloth or grill
7111.00 Platinum clad silver, gold or base metals
7110.11 Platinum in powder form
71.10 Platinum unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms
7112.9 Platinum waste and scrap
9504.40 Playing cards
89.03 Pleasure boats
8203.20 Pliers
84.32 Ploughs
8535.90 Plugs for a voltage exceeding 1000 volts
8536.69 Plugs for a voltage not exceeding 1000 volts
69.03 Plugs, refractory
0809.40 Plums and sloes, fresh
2844.20 Plutonium and its compounds
44.12 Plywood
44.08 Plywood sheets
8428.20 Pneumatic elevators and conveyors
6306.4 Pneumatic mattresses of textile materials
84.12 Pneumatic power engines and motors
8467.1 Pneumatic tools for working in the hand
8481.20 Pneumatic transmission valves
40.11 Pneumatic tyres, new
4012.20 Pneumatic tyres, used
96.13 Pocket lighters
9101.9 Pocket-watches with case of precious metal or metal clad with precious metal
9102.9 Pocket-watches, not of precious metal or of metal clad with precious metal
7302.30 Point rods and other crossing pieces for railways and tramways, of iron or steel
90.27 Polarimeters
9001.20 Polarising material in sheets and plates
70.05 Polished glass, in sheets
34.05 Polishes, creams and similar preparations
8464.20 Polishing machines for stone, ceramics, concrete, asbestos-cement and the like or for cold working
8465.93 Polishing machines for wood, cork, bone, hard rubber, hard plastics or similar materials
84.60 Polishing machine-tools for metal, metal carbides or cermets
7418.11 Polishing pads of copper
6804.30 Polishing stones for use in the hand
3907.10 Polyacetals, in primary forms
39.07 Polyallyl esters, in primary forms
39.08 Polyamides, in primary forms
2921.5 Polyamines, aromatic
4002.11 Polybutadiene-styrene latex
3920.61 Polycarbonate plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, other than goods of heading 30.06
3907.40 Polycarbonates, in primary forms
29.17 Polycarboxylic acids
39.07 Polyester
3208.10 Polyester based paints, varnishes, enamels, lacquers and glosses, in a non-aqueous medium
3920.6 Polyester plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, other than goods of heading 30.06
5501.20 Polyester synthetic filament tow
5902.20 Polyester tyre cord fabric
5604.90 Polyester yarn, high tenacity, impregnated or coated with rubber or plastic
3907.20 Polyethers, in primary forms
3907.60 Polyethylene terephthalate, in primary forms
39.01 Polyethylene, in primary forms
3902.20 Polyisobutylene, in primary forms
32.08 Polymer based paints, varnishes, enamels, lacquers and glosses, in a non-aqueous medium
32.09 Polymer based paints, varnishes, enamels, lacquers and glosses, in an aqueous medium
39.04 Polymers of halogenated olefins, in primary forms
39.13 Polymers, natural, in primary forms
90.21 Pacemakers for stimulating heart muscles
4415.10 Packing cases, wooden
48.19 Packing containers of paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding or fibres
84.22 Packing machinery
14.04 Padding of vegetable material
9506.99 Paddling pools
83.01 Padlocks and locks
7323.10 Pads for scouring or polishing of iron or steel
7615.10 Pads for scouring or polishing, of aluminium
9616.20 Pads for the application of cosmetics or toilet preparations
3814.00 Paint and varnish removers, prepared
96.03 Paint brushes
9603.90 Paint pads and rollers
3814.00 Paint removers
3213.10 Paint sets
5907.00 Painted canvas being theatrical scenerey, studio
3209.10 Paints based on acrylic or vinyl polymers in an
32.13 Paints for use by artists, students or signboard painters
9705.00 Palaeontological collections or collectors' pieces
7110.2 Palladium, unwrought or in sem-manufactured forms, or in powder form
4415.20 Pallets, wooden
1513.2 Palm kernel oil, crude or refined but not chemically modified
2306.60 Palm nut or kernel oil and fats residues, solid
1207.99 Palm nuts and kernels
15.11 Palm oil, crude or refined
2915.70 Palmitic acid
85.37 Panels and numerical control panels for electric control or the distribution of electricity
6808.00 Panels of vegetable fibre, straw, shavings, chips, particles, sawdust or other waste of wood,
44.12 Panels, veneered and similar laminated wood
90.17 Pantographs, other than apparatus of heading 84.86
61.15 Pantyhose, knitted or crocheted
0807.20 Papaws, fresh
4802.20 Paper and paperboard of a kind used as a base for photo-, heat- or electro-sensitive paper or paperboard
48.02 Paper and paperboard of a kind used for writing, printing or other graphic purposes
48.10 Paper and paperboard of a kind used for writing, printing or other graphic purposes, nesoi
47.07 Paper and paperboard waste and scrap
48.10 Paper and paperboard, coated with inorganic substances, in rolls or sheets
48.11 Paper and paperboard, coated, impregnated, covered, surface-coloured, surface-decorated or
48.07 Paper and paperboard, composite, not surfacecoated or impregnated
48.08 Paper and paperboard, corrugated, creped, crinkled,embossed or perforated
4805.50 Paper and paperboard, felt, uncoated
4823.20 Paper and paperboard, filter, coated
4805.40 Paper and paperboard, filter, uncoated
48.11 Paper and paperboard, gummed or adhesive, in rolls or rectangular (including square) sheets of any
4811.4 Paper and paperboard, gummed or adhesive, in rolls or sheets
4802.10 Paper and paperboard, hand-made, uncoated, for writing or printing
4810.3 Paper and paperboard, kraft, coated with inorganic substances
4807.10 Paper and paperboard, laminated internally with bitumen, tar or asphalt, not surface-coated or
3704.00 Paper and paperboard, photographic, exposed but not developed
37.03 Paper and paperboard, photographic, sensitised and unexposed
4811.10 Paper and paperboard, tarred, bituminised or asphalted
4818.50 Paper articles of apparel and clothing accessories
8305.90 Paper clips of base metal
4823.6 Paper cups
5311.00 Paper fabric, woven
48.18 Paper for household, sanitary or hospital uses
8214.10 Paper knives
48.18 Paper linen
84.41 Paper or paperboard article making machines
4817.30 Paper or paperboard boxes, pouches, wallets and writing compendiums, containing an assortment of
48.19 Paper or paperboard cartons, boxes, cases, bags and other packing containers
84.39 Paper or paperboard finishing machinery
48.21 Paper or paperboard labels
84.39 Paper or paperboard making machinery
4823.6 Paper or paperboard trays, dishes, plates, cups and the like
4823.90 Paper patterns
4823.6 Paper plates
4823.70 Paper pulp articles, moulded or pressed
4812.00 Paper pulp, in blocks, slabs or plates, for filters
48.22 Paper pulp, paper or paperboard bobbins, spools,cops and similar supports
4823.40 Paper rolls, sheets and dials, printed for selfrecording apparatus
48.17 Paper stationery
9024.80 Paper testing machines and appliances
8304.00 Paper trays and rests of base metal
4818.50 Paper undergarments
48.14 Paper window transparencies
5308.30 Paper yarn
48.09 Paper, carbon, self-copy, transfer or stencil
48.16 Paper, carbon, self-copy, transfer or stencil (excl. that of 48.09)
48.13 Paper, cigarette
3401.1 Paper, impregnated, coated or covered with soap or detergent
68.12 Paper, millboard and felt of asbestos or asbestos and magnesium carbonate based mixtures
4907.00 Paper, stamp-impressed
48.06 Paper, transparent or translucent
4806.40 Papers, glassine and other glazed transparent or translucent, in rolls or sheets
4806.20 Papers, greaseproof, in rolls or sheets
4806.30 Papers, tracing, in rolls or sheets
8804.00 Parachutes
3805.90 Para-cymene, crude
27.12 Paraffin wax
2312.60 Paraformaldehyde
2913.00 Paraformaldehyde derivatives
4806.10 Parchment, vegetable, in rolls or sheets
8465.96 Paring machines for wood, cork, bone, hard rubber, hard plastics or similar materials
4115.20 Parings and waste of leather and composition leather
39.15 Parings of plastics
4004.00 Parings of rubber
9106.90 Parking meters
95.04 Parlour games and articles thereof
44.09 Parquet flooring strips and friezes, not assembled
44.18 Parquet panels, assembled, of wood
8543.10 Particle accelerators
44.10 Particle board and similar board
84.79 Particle board presses
8605.00 Passenger coaches for railways or tramways not self-propelled
19.02 Pasta
84.38 Pasta making machinery
9701.10 Pastels executed entirely by hand
3306.90 Pastes and powders for fixing dentures
3405.40 Pastes and powders, scouring
3810.10 Pastes for soldering, brazing or welding
3801.30 Pastes, carbonaceous, for electrodes
3407.00 Pastes, modelling
84.19 Pasteurising plant
4114.20 Patent leather and patent laminated leather
7016.90 Paving blocks of pressed of moulded glass
69.08 Paving, ceramic, glazed
69.07 Paving, ceramic, unglazed
0809.30 Peaches and nectarines, fresh
0813.40 Peaches, dried
2008.11 Peanut butter
2305.00 Peanut oil residues, solid
15.08 Peanut oil, crude or refined but not chemically modified
12.02 Peanuts, not roasted or cooked
7018.10 Pearls, imitation
7116.10 Pearls, natural or cultured, articles thereof
71.01 Pearls, natural or cultured, not strung, mounted or set
71.01 Pearls, ungraded, temporarily strung for convenience of transport
0808.20 Pears and quinces, fresh
0713.10 Peas, dried, shelled
0708.10 Peas, fresh or chilled
0710.21 Peas, frozen
2004.90 Peas, prepared or preserved, frozen
2005.40 Peas, prepared or preserved, not frozen
2703.00 Peat
6815.20 Peat articles
2712.90 Peat wax
2517.10 Pebbles, gravel, broken or crushed stone
1302.20 Pectic substances, pectinates and pectates
95.03 Pedal cars, toy
8903.99 Pedal-boats
8701.10 Pedestrian controlled tractors
3304.30 Pedicure preparations
8214.20 Pedicure sets and instruments
90.29 Pedometers
0814.00 Peel of citrus fruit or melons, fresh, frozen, dried or provisionally preserved
2006.00 Peel of fruit, preserved by sugar
1103.2 Pellets, cereal
9608.91 Pen nibs and nib points
8304.00 Pen trays of base metal
9608.99 Pen, pencil and similar holders
9609.20 Pencil leads
8214.10 Pencil sharpeners and blades thereof
96.09 Pencils
9608.40 Pencils, propelling or sliding
84.72 Pencil-sharpening machines
3004.10 Penicillins, synthetic
2941.10 Penicillins, their derivatives and salts thereof
96.08 Pens
2905.42 Pentaerythritol
2305.15 Pentanol
0904.1 Pepper, of the genus piper, whether or not crushed or ground
3504.00 Peptones, excluding compounds of mercury
2829.90 Perbromates, metallic
2829.90 Perchlorates, metallic
9206.00 Percussion musical instruments
3603.00 Percussion or detonating caps
48.08 Perforated paper and paperboard, in rolls or sheets
84.72 Perforating machines for paper used in automatic typewriter machines
3303.00 Perfumes and toilet waters
49.02 Periodicals
2829.90 Periodicates, metallic
9013.10 Periscopes
2530.10 Perlite, unexpanded
3305.20 Permanent waving or straightening preparations
2841.60 Permanganates, metallic
2840.30 Peroxoborates, metallic
28.36 Peroxocarbonates, inorganic, metallic, excluding compounds of mercury
2833.40 Peroxosulphates, inorganic, metallic, excluding compounds of mercury
2206.00 Perry
5805.00 Petit point tapestries
2710.99 Petrol (automotive gasoline)
8413.11 Petrol pumps
2713.20 Petroleum bitumen
68.07 Petroleum bitumen articles
60.01 Pile fabrics, knitted or crocheted
58.01 Pile fabrics, woven
8430.10 Pile-drivers and pile-extractors
44.04 Piles, wooden
7301.10 Piling, sheet, of iron or steel
7610.90 Pillars of aluminium
9404.90 Pillows
8203.20 Pincers
3805.90 Pine oil
2009.4 Pineapple juice
0804.30 Pineapples, fresh or dried
9506.40 Ping-pong balls
84.51 Pinking textile fabric machines
73.19 Pins of iron or steel
7415.10 Pins, drawing, of copper or of iron or steel with heads of copper
7319.20 Pins, safety, of iron or steel
95.04 Pintables
73.07 Pipe fittings of iron or steel
7609.00 Pipe fittings without taps, cocks, valves etc, of aluminium
74.12 Pipe fittings without taps, cocks, valves etc, of copper and copper alloys
9205.90 Pipe organs, keyboard
8203.40 Pipe-cutters
96.14 Pipes and pipe bowls
68.11 Pipes and pipe fittings of asbestos-cement, of cellulose fibre-cement or the like
78.06 Pipes and pipe fittings of lead
75.07 Pipes and pipe fittings of nickel and nickel alloys
80.07 Pipes and pipe fittings of tin
79.07 Pipes and pipe fittings of zinc
6906.00 Pipes and pipe fittings, ceramic
76.08 Pipes of aluminium
7610.90 Pipes of aluminium for use in structures
6810.99 Pipes of cement, concrete or artificial stone
74.11 Pipes of copper
73.06 Pipes of iron or steel with an external diameter not exceeding 406.4 mm
73.05 Pipes of iron or steel with an external diameter which exceeds 406.4 mm
40.09 Pipes of vulcanised rubber
39.17 Pipes, and fittings therefor, of plastic
7411.21 Pipes, brass
69.03 Pipes, refractory
73.04 Pipes, seamless, of iron or steel
0802.50 Pistachios, fresh or dried
9302.00 Pistols
9303.90 Pistols for firing only blank cartridges
84.09 Pistons, piston assemblies, piston pins and piston rings
2708.20 Pitch coke
9209.99 Pitch pipes
3807.00 Pitch, brewers' and similar preparations based on rosin, resin acids or on vegetable pitch
2708.10 Pitch, obtained from coal tar or other mineral tars
3807.00 Pitch, vegetable
8425.3 Pit-head winding gear
7308.40 Pit-propping and similar equipment of iron or steel
44.03 Pitprops, in the rough
2937.1 Pituitary or similar hormones
84.83 Plain shaft bearings
76.14 Plaited bands of aluminium, not electrically insulated
7413.00 Plaited bands of copper, not electrically insulated
7312.90 Plaited bands of iron or steel, not electrically insulated
46.02 Plaiting materials and articles thereof in made up goods
14.01 Plaiting materials, of vegetable matter
46.01 Plaits and plaiting materials and articles thereof
46.01 Plaits and similar products of plaiting materials
8205.30 Planes, wood-working, hand, not power operated
8465.92 Planing machines (by cutting) for wood, cork, bone, hard rubber, hard plastics or similar hardmaterials
8461.10 Planing machine-tools for metal, metal carbides or cermets
4906.00 Plans, hand drawn
38.08 Plant growth regulators
84.32 Planters, animal or machine drawn
12.11 Plants and parts of plants, of a kind used primarily in perfumery, in pharmacy or for insecticidal,
9701.90 Plaques, decorative
8456.9 Plasma arc operated machine-tools for working any material by removal of material, other than
85.15 Plasma arc welding or cutting machines and apparatus, other than machines of heading 84.86
68.09 Plaster articles or articles of compositons based on plaster
2520.20 Plasters (calcined gypsum or calcium sulphate)
39.23 Plastic articles for the conveyance or packing of goods
3923.2 Plastic bags
39.22 Plastic baths, shower baths, wash-basins, bidets, lavatory pans, seats and covers, flushing cisterns
3923.30 Plastic bottles, carboys, flasks
39.23 Plastic boxes, cases, crates, sacks, bags
3926.20 Plastic clothing and articles of apparel
48.11 Plastic coated, impregnated or covered paper or paperboard
3925.20 Plastic doors, windows and their frames and thresholds for doors
3917.40 Plastic fittings for tubes, pipes and hoses
39.18 Plastic floor coverings, in rolls or tiles
6702.10 Plastic flowers, fruit and foliage
3926.30 Plastic furniture fittings
3924.90 Plastic household and toiletware
59.03 Plastic impregnated, coated, covered or laminated textile fabrics
3923.50 Plastic lids, caps, stoppers and other closures
39.16 Plastic monofilament of which any cross-sectional dimension exceeds 1 mm
39.21 Plastic plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, other than goods of heading 30.06
39.20 Plastic plates, sheets, film, foil or strip, other than self-adhesive, non-cellular and not combined with
3906.10 Polymethyl methacrylate, in primary forms
2907.2 Polyphenols
3902.10 Polypropylene, in primary forms
3903.1 Polystyrene, in primary forms
3911.90 Polysulphides and polysulphones, in primary forms
2830.90 Polysulphides, inorganic, metallic, excluding compounds of mercury
3911.10 Polyterpenes, in primary forms
3904.61 Polytetra fluoroethylene, in primary forms
3909.50 Polyurethanes, in primary forms
3905.30 Polyvinyl alcohols, primary forms
3904.21 Polyvinyl chloride, non-plasticised mixed with any other substances, in primary forms
3904.10 Polyvinyl chloride, not mixed with any other substances, in primary forms
3904.22 Polyvinyl chloride, plasticised, mixed with any other substances, in primary forms
5808.90 Pompoms and similar articles
9506.99 Pools, swimming and paddling
1207.91 Poppy seeds
69.11 Porcelain tableware, kitchenware and other household and toilet articles
90.27 Porosity measuring or checking instruments and apparatus
2204.2 Port
8513.10 Portable electric lamps designed to function by their own source of energy
8426.30 Portal or pedestal jib cranes
2523.2 Portland cement
4301.80 Possum furskin, raw, whole
8605.00 Post office coaches for railways or tramways, not self-propelled
84.76 Postage stamp dispensing machines
9704.00 Postage stamps, used or unused but not of current or new issue in the country to which they are destined
4907.00 Postage, revenue or similar stamps, unused
8470.90 Postage-franking machines
9704.00 Postal stationery, used or unused but not of current or new issue in the country to which they are destined
4817.20 Postcards, plain, of paper or paperboard
4909.00 Postcards, printed or illustrated
7615.10 Pot scourers of aluminum
7418.10 Pot scourers of copper
7323.10 Pot scourers of iron or steel
31.04 Potassic fertilisers, mineral or chemical
2827.51 Potassium bromides
2836.40 Potassium carbonates
3104.20 Potassium chloride
2841.50 Potassium dichromate
2826.90 Potassium fluorosilicates
2815.20 Potassium hydroxide
2834.21 Potassium nitrates
2815.30 Potassium peroxide
2835.24 Potassium phosphates
3104.90 Potassium salts, natural, crude
2839.90 Potassium silicates
3104.30 Potassium sulphate
1105.20 Potato flakes
11.05 Potato flour, meal and flakes
0712.10 Potatoes, dried
07.01 Potatoes, fresh or chilled
0710.10 Potatoes, frozen (uncooked or cooked by steaming or boiling in water)
2004.10 Potatoes, prepared or preserved, frozen
2005.20 Potatoes, prepared or preserved, not frozen
8533.40 Potentiometers
6909.90 Pots, ceramic
7010.90 Pots, glass
9404.90 Pouffes
30.05 Poultices
84.36 Poultry incubators and brooders
1602.3 Poultry meat, prepared or preserved
84.38 Poultry preparation machinery
84.36 Poultry-keeping machinery
4202.9 Powder boxes of leather etc
74.06 Powder of copper
71.05 Powder of natural or synthetic precious or semiprecious stones
6802.10 Powder of natural stone, artificially coloured
9516.20 Powder puffs
84.24 Powder spraying, dispersing or projecting appliances, mechanical, other than machines of heading 84.86
3304.91 Powders (make-up preparations)
4004.00 Powders and granules obtained from waste, scrap and parings of rubber
3810.10 Powders for soldering, brazing or welding
76.03 Powders of aluminium
8107.10 Powders of cadmium
7804.20 Powders of lead
8104.30 Powders of magnesium
8102.10 Powders of molybdenum
7504.00 Powders of nickel
7205.2 Powders of pig iron, spiegeleisen, iron or steel
8103.20 Powders of tantalum
8005.20 Powders of tin
81.08 Powders of titanium
8101.10 Powders of tungsten
7903.90 Powders of zinc
8109.20 Powders of zirconium
3601.00 Powders, propellant
3401.20 Powders, soap
8715.00 Prams
95.03 Prams for dolls
03.06 Prawns in shell, cooked by steaming or boiling in water
0306.23 Prawns, live, fresh, chilled, dried, salted or in brine
1605.20 Prawns, prepared or preserved
28.43 Precious metal compounds, other than compounds of mercury
71.12 Precious metal waste and scrap, and waste and scrap of metal clad with precious metal
26.16 Precious metals, ores and concentrates
7116.20 Precious or semi-precious stone articles
7018.10 Precious or semi-precious stones, immitation, of
71.03 Precious stones and semi-precious stones, natural,not strung, mounted or set
71.03 Precious stones and semi-precious stones, natural,ungraded, temporarily strung for convenience of transport
74.01 Precipitated copper
29.37 Prednisone and prednisolone
9406.00 Prefabricated buildings
6810.91 Prefabricated structural components for building or civil engineering, of concrete, cement or artificial stone
38.01 Preparations based on graphite or other carbon in the form of pastes, blocks, plates or other semimanufactures
3211.00 Prepared driers
19.04 Prepared foods obtained by the swelling or roasting of cereals
4403.10 Preserved wood, in the rough
7010.90 Preserving jars of glass
84.79 Presses for the manufacture of particle board or fibre building board
84.62 Presses for working metal or metal carbides, other than machines of heading 84.86
84.35 Presses used in the manufacture of wine, etc
9606.10 Press-fasteners and press-studs
84.51 Pressing machines, steam, for garments
8207.30 Pressing tools, interchangeable, for hand or machine tools
9026.20 Pressure gauges and instruments for liquids or gases
84.81 Pressure-reducing valves
3202.90 Pre-tanning enzymatic preparations
85.06 Primary cells and primary batteries
8534.00 Printed circuits
4821.10 Printed labels of paper or paperboard
84.42 Printing blocks, plates, cylinders, type etc
3215.1 Printing ink
84.43 Printing machinery and machines for uses ancillary to printing
84.42 Printing machinery components and apparatus
48.10 Printing paper and paperboard, coated with inorganic substances Ch.48 Printing paper and paperboard, nesoi
48.02 Printing paper and paperboard, uncoated
9611.00 Printing sets, hand-operated
84.42 Printing type, blocks, plates and cylinders
9702.00 Prints, original
7014.00 Prisms of optical glass, not optically worked
9002.90 Prisms, mounted, being parts or fittings of instruments or a pparatus, optically worked
9001.90 Prisms, optical, unmounted of any material
84.05 Producer gas generators
90.29 Production counters
8905.20 Production platforms, floating or submersible
90.31 Profile projectors
39.16 Profile shapes of plastic, not further worked than surface worked
74.07 Profiles of copper
78.06 Profiles of lead
7505.1 Profiles of nickel
7904.00 Profiles of zinc
73.06 Profiles, hollow, of iron or steel with an external diameter not exceeding 406.4 mm
73.04 Profiles, hollow, seamless, of iron or steel
2937.92 Progestogens
93.06 Projectiles
9010.60 Projection screens
9007.2 Projectors, cinematographic
90.08 Projectors, image
90.31 Projectors, profile
85.28 Projectors, video
8528.30 Projectors, video
28.44 Promethium
2711.12 Propane, liquefied
3601.00 Propellent powders
8803.10 Propellers and rotors for helicopters and aeroplanes
8487.10 Propellers for ships
2901.22 Propene, chemically or commercially pure
2711.19 Propene, in gaseous state
2711.14 Propene, liquefied
2915.50 Propionic acid
7308.40 Props and similar equipment for scaffolding, shuttering or pit-propping, of iron or steel
2905.12 Propyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol
3902.30 Propylene copolymers, in primary forms
2903.16 Propylene dichoride
27.11 Propylene gas
2905.32 Propylene glycol
2910.20 Propylene oxide
3920.20 Propylene polymer plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, other than self-adhesive, non-cellular and not combined with other heading 30.06
3917.22 Propylene polymer tubes, pipes and hoses
39.02 Propylene polymers, in primary forms
85.35 Protecting apparatus for electrical circuits of a voltage exceeding 1000 volts
85.36 Protecting apparatus for electrical circuits of a voltage not exceeding 1000 volts
9020.00 Protective masks, having mechanical parts and/or replaceable filters
9004.90 Protective spectacles or goggles
2106.10 Protein concentrates and textured protein substances
3913.90 Proteins, hardened, in primary forms
90.17 Protractors, other than apparatus of heading 84.86
29.36 Provitamins
0813.20 Prunes, dried
82.11 Pruning knives
82.01 Pruning shears
9030.40 Psophometers
9019.10 Psychological aptitude-testing apparatus
90.25 Psychrometers
84.25 Pulley tackle and hoists
84.83 Pulleys, including pulley blocks; parts
61.10 Pullovers (excl. babies' pullovers), knitted or crocheted
4702.00 Pulp, wood, chemical
47.03 Pulp, wood, chemical, soda or sulphate
47.04 Pulp, wood, chemical, sulphite
4701.00 Pulp, wood, mechanical
84.39 Pulping machines for fibrous cellulosic material
47.06 Pulps of fibrous cellulosic material
2513.1 Pumice stone
84.13 Pumps for internal combustion piston engines
84.13 Pumps for liquids
84.14 Pumps, air or vacuum
48.02 Punch card stock and punch tape paper, in rolls or sheets, uncoated
8203.40 Punches, perforating
8462.4 Punching machine-tools for working metal
8207.30 Punching tools, interchangeable
84.21 Purifying machinery and apparatus for liquids or gases
4202.3 Purses
4303.90 Purses of furskin
6406.99 Puttees
3214.10 Putty, glaziers' and grafting
95.03 Puzzles
6208.2 Pyjamas and nightdresses for women or girls (excl. knitted or crocheted)
6108.3 Pyjamas and nightdresses for women or girls,knitted or crocheted
6207.2 Pyjamas and nightshirts for men or boys (excl. knitted or crocheted)
6107.2 Pyjamas and nightshirts for men or boys, knitted or crocheted
2933.3 Pyridine and its salts
90.25 Pyrometers
36.06 Pyrophoric alloys
36.04 Pyrotechnic articles
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