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Precious or semi-precious ston reconstructed
0208.10 Rabbit and hare meat and edible meat offal, fresh,chilled or frozen
4301.80 Rabbit furskin, raw, whole
4302.12 Rabbit furskin, tanned or dressed, whole
87.03 Racing cars, motor
42.06 Racquet strings made from catgut
9506.5 Racquets for tennis, badminton and similar sports
8526.10 Radar apparatus
90.30 Radiation detecting or measuring instruments and apparatus
7322.1 Radiators for central heating, of iron or steel
8708.91 Radiators for vehicles
8516.29 Radiators, space heating, electric
8516.21 Radiators, storage heating, electric
8526.9 Radio navigational aid apparatus and radio remote control apparatus
28.44 Radioactive chemical elements and radioactive isotopes
90.22 Radiography or radiotherapy apparatus
8705.90 Radiological units, mobile, motorised
89.07 Rafts
63.10 Rags, used or new
86.02 Rail locomotives not powered from an external source of electricity or by electric accumulators
86.01 Rail locomotives powered from an external source of electricity or by electric accumulators
7302.10 Rails of iron or steel, for railways or tramways
86.03 Railway coaches, vans and trucks, self-propelled
86.06 Railway goods vans and wagons not self-propelled
86.07 Railway locomotive or rolling-stock parts
86.04 Railway maintenance or service vehicles
8605.00 Railway passenger coaches, luggage vans, post office coaches and other special purpose coaches,
87.09 Railway station platform tractors, self-propelled, not fitted with lifting or handling equipment
73.02 Railway track construction material of iron or steel
8608.00 Railway track fixtures and fittings
44.06 Railways sleepers, of wood
3604.90 Rain rockets, fog signals and other pyrotechnic articles
6201.1 Raincoats for men or boys
0806.20 Raisins
8201.30 Rakes, hand, base metal
53.05 Ramie fibre, raw or processed but not spun; tow and waste thereof
9015.10 Rangefinders
73.21 Ranges, non-electric domestic, of iron or steel
2306.4 Rape or colza seed oil and fat residues, solid
12.05 Rape or colza seeds
15.14 Rape seed oil, crude or refined but not chemically modified
2804.2 Rare gases
2846.90 Rare-earth metal compounds, inorganic or organic
2805.30 Rare-earth metals
0810.20 Raspberries, blackberries, mulberries and loganberries, fresh
0811.20 Raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, loganberries, currents and gooseberries, frozen
8203.10 Rasps
1401.20 Rattans, of a kind used primarily for plaiting
43.01 Raw furskins
5002.00 Raw silk
82.12 Razors and razor blades
84.12 Reaction engines other than turbo-jets
3204.16 Reactive dyes, synthetic, organic and preparations based thereon
84.71 Readers, optical or magnetic
3822.00 Reagents, composite diagnostic or laboratory
3006.30 Reagents, diagnostic, designed to be administered to the patient
7009.10 Rear-view mirrors for vehicles
44.09 Rebated wood
4820.10 Receipt books and similar articles
8540.81 Receiver valves and tubes
85.27 Reception apparatus for radio-broadcasting
85.28 Reception apparatus for television or video
84.13 Reciprocating pumps for internal combustion piston engines
4003.00 Reclaimed rubber in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip
71.04 Reconstructed precious or semi-precious stones, not strung, mounted or set
71.04 Reconstructed precious or semi-precious stones, ungraded, temporarily strung for convenience of transport
8519.3 Record decks, sound reproducing
85.19 Record players and record-decks
4819.50 Record sleeves, of paper and paperboard
85.23 Records, prepared for sound reproduction
85.04 Rectifiers, electrical
84.19 Rectifying plant
9008.40 Reducers, photographic
8448.42 Reeds for looms, healds and heald-frames
84.51 Reeling and unreeling machines for textiles
8445.40 Reeling machines for textiles
9608.60 Refills for ball point pens
7403.1 Refined copper, unwrought
7801.10 Refined lead, unwrought
17.01 Refined sugar
80.01 Refined tin, unwrought
70.03 Reflective glass, cast or rolled, in sheets or profiles
70.04 Reflective glass, drawn or blown, in sheets
90.27 Refractometers
69.02 Refractory bricks, blocks, tiles and similar refractory ceramic constructional goods
3816.00 Refractory cements, mortars, concretes and similar preparations
69.03 Refractory ceramic goods
8901.30 Refrigerated ships
84.14 Refrigerator compressors
84.18 Refrigerators and other refrigerating equipment
3912.90 Regenerated cellulose, in primary forms
4820.10 Registers and similar articles of paper or paperboard
90.32 Regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus, automatic
8410.90 Regulators for hydraulic turbines and water wheels
8535.30 Relays for a voltage exceeding 1000 volts
8536.4 Relays for a voltage not exceeding 1000 volts
7204.50 Remelting scrap ingots of iron or steel
8526.92 Remote control apparatus, radio
64.06 Removable in-soles for footwear
3507.10 Rennet and concentrates thereof
4103.20 Reptile hides and skins, raw
4113.30 Reptile leather
7611.00 Reservoirs of aluminium, capacity exceeding 300
7309.00 Reservoirs of iron or steel of a capacity exceeding 300
39.25 Reservoirs, tanks, vats and similar containers of plastic
27.13 Residues of petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals
3807.00 Resin acid based pitch
38.06 Resin acids and derivatives thereof
3214.10 Resin cements
3301.30 Resinoids of vegetable or animal origin, not mixed together
1301.90 Resins, natural, unmodified
8515.2 Resistance welding machines, for metals, electric, other than machines of heading 84.86
85.33 Resistors, electrical
8516.80 Resistors, electrical, heating, not of carbon
85.45 Resistors, electrical, heating, of carbon
85.41 Resistors, light dependent
2907.21 Resorcinol
9019.20 Respiration apparatus, therapeutic
2704.00 Retort carbon
69.03 Retorts, refractory
9704.00 Revenue stamps, used or unused but not of current or new issue in the country to which they are destined
90.29 Revolution counters
9302.00 Revolvers
93.03 Revolvers for firing only blank cartridges
8112.9 Rhenium and articles of rhenium
8533.40 Rheostats
7110.3 Rhodium, unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms, or in powder form
9612.10 Ribbons for typewriters and the like
2302.40 Rice bran, sharps and other residues
1102.90 Rice flour
1006.10 Rice in the husk
1905.90 Rice paper
1006.40 Rice, broken
1006.20 Rice, husked
1006.30 Rice, semi or wholly milled
9604.00 Riddles, hand
6602.00 Riding-crops, whips and the like
93.03 Rifles, sporting, hunting or target-shooting
4006.90 Rings of unvulcanised rubber
84.30 Rippers
7616.10 Rivets of aluminium
7415.29 Rivets of copper
7318.23 Rivets of iron or steel
8308.20 Rivets tubular or bifurcated of base metal
84.30 Road rollers, not self-propelled
8429.40 Road rollers, self-propelled
84.30 Road scoops
8705.90 Road sweeper lorries, complete
8701.20 Road tractors for semi-trailers
8516.60 Roasters, electric, domestic
8430.3 Rock cutters
8207.1 Rock drilling tools
6806.10 Rock wool and similar mineral wools
38.08 Rodenticides
4006.90 Rods and tubes of unvulcanised rubber
72.13 Rods in irregularly wound coils, of iron or nonalloy steel, hot-rolled
8311.90 Rods of agglomerated base metal powder (coated or cored with flux material)
72.27 Rods of alloy steel, hot rolled, in irregularly wound coils
72.28 Rods of alloy steel, other
76.04 Rods of aluminium and aluminium alloys
7610.90 Rods of aluminium for use in structures
83.11 Rods of base metal or of metal carbides, coated or cored with flux material used for soldering,
8311.30 Rods of base metal, coated with flux material for soldering, brazing or welding by flame
74.07 Rods of copper
72.15 Rods of iron or non-alloy steel, nesoi
78.06 Rods of lead
8102.9 Rods of molybdenum
7505.1 Rods of nickel
39.16 Rods of plastic, not further worked than surface worked
7221.00 Rods of stainless steel, hot-rolled, in irregularly wound coils
72.22 Rods of stainless steel, other
8003.00 Rods of tin
8101.9 Rods of tungsten
7904.00 Rods of zinc
7002.20 Rods, glass, unworked
9017.80 Rods, measuring, for use in the hand
72.14 Rods, other, of iron or non-alloy steel, not further worked than forged, not-rolled, hot-drawn or hotextruded
69.03 Rods, refractory
70.03 Rolled glass in sheets or profiles
84.82 Roller bearings
9506.70 Roller skates
84.32 Rollers for lawns or sports-grounds
9603.40 Rollers for paints
84.20 Rolling machines
86.07 Rolling-stock parts for rail or tramways
8455.30 Rolls for rolling mills
7907.10 Roof capping of zinc
84.14 Roof fans
6905.10 Roofing tiles, ceramic
7610.90 Roofs and roofing frameworks of aluminium
3307.4 Room deodorisers
84.33 Root or tuber harvesting machines
07.14 Roots and tubers with a high starch or inulin content, fresh or dried; sago pith
07.06 Roots, edible, fresh or chilled
84.79 Rope making machines
56.07 Rope, of textile materials
7312.10 Ropes of iron or steel, not electrically insulated
0602.40 Rose plants, live
3807.00 Rosin based pitch
38.06 Rosin, rosin acids and derivatives thereof; rosin spirit and rosin oils
8502.40 Rotary converters, electric
84.13 Rotary pumps for internal combustion piston engines
8804.00 Rotochutes
8803.10 Rotors for helicopters
9110.19 Rough watch or clock movements
9508.00 Roundabouts
8445.13 Roving machines
70.19 Rovings, glass, and articles thereof
89.03 Rowing boats
3812.10 Rubber accelerators, prepared
4015.1 Rubber gloves
4001.10 Rubber latex natural
40.02 Rubber latex, synthetic
4004.00 Rubber parings
5604.10 Rubber thread and cord, textile covered
4007.00 Rubber thread and cord, vulcanised
4004.00 Rubber waste and scrap
84.77 Rubber working machines, other than machines of heading 84.86
40.05 Rubber, compounded, unvulcanised, in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip
4017.00 Rubber, hard, in all forms
4001.2 Rubber, natural
4002.80 Rubber, natural and synthetic mixtures
4003.00 Rubber, reclaimed, in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip
40.02 Rubber, synthetic, in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip
40.06 Rubber, unvulcanised in rods, tubes and profile shapes; articles thereof
40.08 Rubber, vulcanised, plates, sheets, strip, rods and profile shapes
40.09 Rubber, vulcanised, tubes, pipe and hoses
59.06 Rubberised textile fabrics
71.03 Rubies, natural, not mounted, set or strung, nor converted into articles
4202.1 Rucksacks
6308.00 Rug sets, put up for retail sale
4201.00 Rugs for animals
5702.10 Rugs, hand-woven
2208.40 Rum and tafia
3806.90 Run gums
1905.40 Rusks, toasted bread and similar toasted products
3811.90 Rust inhibitors
7110.4 Ruthenium, unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms, or in powder form
2614.00 Rutile
2823.00 Rutile, artificial
2938.10 Rutoside
1102.10 Rye flour
1002.00 Rye, unmilled
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