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Alphabetical Index To Commodities & HS Code No
Know your commodity comes in which chapter
0404.10 Whey
6602.00 Whips, riding crops and the like
2208.30 Whiskies
9208.90 Whistles
9610.00 Whiteboards
46.02 Wickerwork of plaiting materials
38.08 Wicks and candles for use as insecticides
5908.00 Wicks of textiles, for lamps, stoves, lighters, candles or the like
6703.00 Wig hair, prepared, of wool, animal hair or textile materials
67.04 Wigs
84.25 Winches
92.05 Wind instruments
6201.9 Wind-cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles for men or boys (excl. knitted and crocheted)
61.01 Wind-cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles for men or boys, knitted or crocheted
6202.9 Wind-cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles for women or girls (excl. knitted and crocheted)
61.02 Wind-cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles, for women or girls, knitted or crocheted
8445.40 Winding machines for textiles
85.44 Winding wire, insulated, anodised, enamelled or lacquered
9618.00 Window dressing displays, animated
84.14 Window fans
8302.41 Window fittings and mountings of base metal
4418.10 Window frames, wooden
48.14 Window transparencies of paper
7610.10 Windows and their frames of aluminium
7308.30 Windows and their frames of iron or steel
3925.20 Windows and their frames of plastic
8512.40 Windscreen wipers electrical, for motor vehicles
22.04 Wine
2307.00 Wine lees
84.35 Wine presses, crushes and similar machinery
2204.10 Wine, sparkling
8512.40 Wipers, windscreen, electric, for motor vehicles
84.79 Wire coil-winders, electric
73.14 Wire mesh of iron or steel
7317.00 Wire nails of iron or steel
8311.90 Wire of agglomerated base metal
72.29 Wire of alloy steel
76.05 Wire of aluminum and aluminum alloys
83.11 Wire of base metal or of metal carbides, coated or cored with flux material, used for soldering, brazing, welding or
8311.20 Wire of base metal, cored with flux material and used for electric arc-welding
8311.30 Wire of base metal, cored with flux material, for soldering, brazing or welding by flame
74.08 Wire of copper and copper alloys
72.17 Wire of iron or non-alloy steel
78.06 Wire of lead
8102.96 Wire of molybdenum
7505.2 Wire of nickel
7223.00 Wire of stainless steel
8003.00 Wire of tin
8101.96 Wire of tungsten
7904.00 Wire of zinc
8463.30 Wire working machines
7313.00 Wire, barbed, of iron or steel
7408.21 Wire, brass
85.44 Wire, insulated, anodised, enamelled or laquered insulation
76.14 Wire, stranded, of aluminium, not electrically insulated
7413.00 Wire, stranded, of copper, not electrically insulated
7312.10 Wire, stranded, of iron or steel, not electrically insulated
7313.00 Wire, twisted hoop, single flat and loosely twisted double wire, of iron or steel, used for fencing
7403.12 Wire-bars of refined copper, unwrought
8544.30 Wiring sets of a kind used in vehicles, aircraft or ships, insulated
81.01 Wolfram - see tungsten
62.06 Women's or girls' blouses, shirts and shirt-blouses (excl. knitted or crocheted)
61.06 Women's or girls' blouses, shirts and shirt-blouses,knitted or crocheted
62.02 Women's or girls' overcoats, car-coats, capes, cloaks, anoraks, wind-cheaters and similar articles(excl. knitted or crocheted)
61.02 Women's or girls' overcoats, car-coats, capes,cloaks, anoraks, wind-cheaters and similar articles,knitted or crocheted
62.08 Women's or girls' singlets and other vests, slips,petticoats, briefs, panties, nightdresses, pyjamas,
61.08 Women's or girls' slips, petticoats, briefs, panties,nightdresses, pyjamas, negliges, bathrobes and similar articles, knitted 62.04
Women's or girls' suits, ensem Women's or girls' swimwear (excl. knitted or crocheted)
6112.4 Women's or girls' swimwear, knitted or crocheted
44.02 Wood charcoal
3807.00 Wood creosote
4405.00 Wood flour
44.09 Wood for parquet flooring
3807.00 Wood naphtha
3805.10 Wood oil produced by the treatment of coniferous woods
3405.20 Wood polish
4702.00 Wood pulp, chemical, dissolving grades
47.03 Wood pulp, chemical, soda or sulphate
47.04 Wood pulp, chemical, sulphite
4701.00 Wood pulp, mechanical
47.05 Wood pulp, semi-chemical
4401.30 Wood sawdust
44.08 Wood sawn lengthwise not exceeding 6 mm
44.07 Wood sawn lengthwise, thickness exceeding 6 mm
7318.1 Wood screws of iron or steel
3807.00 Wood tar and wood tar oils
9024.80 Wood testing machines and appliances
4401.30 Wood waste and scrap
8104.20 Waste and scrap of magnesium
8102.97 Waste and scrap of molybdenum
7503.00 Waste and scrap of nickel
47.07 Waste and scrap of paper and paperboard
8103.10 Waste and scrap of tantalum
8002.00 Waste and scrap of tin
8101.97 Waste and scrap of tungsten
7902.00 Waste and scrap of zinc
4401.30 Waste and scrap wood
72.04 Waste and scrap, ferrous
7404.00 Waste copper
8509.80 Waste disposers, kitchen, with self-contained electric motor, domestic-type
52.02 Waste of cotton
7001.00 Waste of glass
4017.00 Waste of hard rubber
4115.20 Waste of leather and composition leather
55.05 Waste of man-made fibres
39.15 Waste of plastics
71.12 Waste of precious metal or of metal clad with precious metal
51.03 Waste of wool or animal hair
4004.00 Waste rubber
91.13 Watch bands
91.11 Watch cases and parts thereof
7015.90 Watch glasses
91.10 Watch movements
91.08 Watch movements, complete and assembled, without cases
91.14 Watch parts
91.13 Watch straps, bands and bracelets and parts thereof
7117.19 Watchbands or bracelets, base metal, whether or not plated with precious metal
91.02 Watches, of all kinds, not of precious metal or of metal clad with precious metal
91.01 Watches, of all kinds, with case of precious metal or metal clad with precious metal
8402.20 Water boilers, super-heated
69.10 Water closet pans, ceramic
84.05 Water gas generators
8516.10 Water heaters, instantaneous or storage, electric
84.19 Water heaters, instantaneous or storage, nonelectric
9028.20 Water meters, for supply
3210.00 Water pigments, prepared, of a kind used for finishing leather
84.21 Water purifying or filtering apparatus
32.09 Water thinned paints based on polymers in an aqueous medium
84.10 Water wheels
0807.10 Watermelons, fresh
64.01 Waterproof footwear with outer soles and uppers of rubber or of plastics
22.02 Waters, containing added sugar or other sweetening matter, or flavoured
22.01 Waters, not containing sweetening matter, nor flavoured
9506.2 Water-skis
9506.2 Water-sports equipment
8402.1 Watertube boilers
3201.20 Wattle extract
9602.00 Wax articles, moulded or carved Ch. 48 Wax coated, impregnated or covered paper and paperboard
3407.00 Wax, dental
27.12 Wax, paraffin
2712.90 Wax, peat
2712.90 Wax, petroleum
2712.90 Wax, slack
3404.90 Waxes of chemically modified lignite
3404.20 Waxes of polyethylene glycol
34.04 Waxes, artificial or prepared
15.21 Waxes, bee or insect
2712.90 Waxes, mineral
15.21 Waxes, vegetable
8459.10 Way-type unit head machines
9301.00 Weapons, military
88.01 Weather balloons, complete
84.46 Weaving machines
38.08 Weed killers
84.32 Weeders
8423.90 Weighing machine weights
84.23 Weighing machinery
8423.90 Weights for weighing machinery
3810.90 Welding electrodes and rods, core and coating preparations
84.68 Welding machinery and apparatus
85.15 Welding machines, electric, laser or other light or photon beam, electron beam, magnetic pulse or plasma arc, other than machines of heading 84.86
83.11 Welding wire, rods, tubes, plates, electrodes and similar products, of base metal, cored or coated with flux material
85.06 Wet cell batteries, primary
2302.30 Wheat bran, sharps and other residues
1109.00 Wheat gluten
1001.10 Wheat, durum, unmilled
1001.90 Wheat, unmilled
87.13 Wheelchairs
95.03 Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children
8607.1 Wheels and parts thereof for locomotives
8708.70 Wheels, road, for vehicles
56.01 Wadding of textile materials and articles thereof
4803.00 Wadding, cellulose
48.11 Wadding, cellulose, coated, impregnatred, covered, surface-coloured, surface-decorated or printed
30.05 Wadding, for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary purposes
3401.10 Wadding, impregnated, coated or covered with soap or detergent
1905.30 Waffles and wafers
8428.90 Wagon handling equipment for mines or railways
86.06 Wagons, rail or tramway, for goods, not selfpropelled
61.10 Waistcoats and similar articles (excl. babies' types),knitted or crocheted
6602.00 Walking sticks and seat-sticks
9105.2 Wall clocks
5905.00 Wall coverings of textiles
84.14 Wall fans
94.05 Wall lights
39.18 Wall or ceiling coverings of plastic
69.08 Wall tiles, ceramic, glazed
69.07 Wall tiles, ceramic, unglazed
4301.80 Wallaby furskin, raw, whole
4202.3 Wallets
48.14 Wallpaper and similar wall coverings
4802.40 Wallpaper base, uncoated
0802.3 Walnuts, fresh or dried
87.09 Warehouse works trucks, self-propelled
8906.10 Warships
69.10 Wash basins and wash basin pedestals, ceramic
73.24 Wash basins of stainless steel
3922.10 Wash-basins of plastic
4016.93 Washers and other seals of vulcanised rubber
7616.10 Washers of aluminium
7415.21 Washers of copper
7318.2 Washers of iron or steel
84.51 Washing machines for yarns or woven fabrics or textile articles
84.50 Washing machines, household and laundry-type
34.02 Washing preparations and surface-active preparations
7602.00 Waste and scrap of aluminium
7802.00 Waste and scrap of lead
6808.00 Wood waste panels, boards, tiles, blocks and similar articles, agglomerated with cement, plaster or other mineral binders
4405.00 Wood wool
84.65 Wood working machine-tools
8205.30 Wood working tools, hand-operated
44.09 Wood, continuously shaped along any of its faces or edges
4413.00 Wood, densified
44.01 Wood, for fuel
44.03 Wood, in the rough
4420.90 Wood, inlaid
4417.00 Wooden boot and shoe lasts
4420.90 Wooden caskets and cases for jewellery, cutlery and similar articles
4416.00 Wooden casks, barrels, vats, tubs and other coopers' products
4421.10 Wooden clothes hangers
4414.00 Wooden frames for paintings, photographs, mirrors, etc
94.03 Wooden furniture
4415.10 Wooden packing cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packings
4415.20 Wooden pallets, box pallets and other load boards
44.04 Wooden piles, stakes and pickets
4420.10 Wooden statuettes and ornaments
44.04 Wooden sticks
4419.00 Wooden tableware and kitchenware
4417.00 Wooden tools, tool bodies, tool handles, broom or brush bodies and handles
15.05 Wool grease and fatty substances derived therefrom
5103.10 Wool noils, not carded or combed
7323.10 Wool of iron or steel
6806.10 Wool of slag or rock and similar mineral wools
6703.00 Wool prepared for use in making wigs
5105.29 Wool tops
51.03 Wool waste
70.19 Wool, glass, and articles thereof
5101.30 Wool, sheep's or lambs', carbonised
51.05 Wool, sheep's or lambs', carded or combed
5101.2 Wool, sheep's or lambs', degreased
5104.00 Wool, sheep's or lambs', garnetted stock
5101.1 Wool, sheep's or lambs', greasy, not carded or combed
4405.00 Wool, wood
6301.20 Woollen blankets
5703.10 Woollen carpet, tufted
5701.10 Woollen carpets, knotted
57.02 Woollen carpets, woven, not tufted or flocked Ch 51 Woollen fabrics
8469.10 Word-processing machines
8466.20 Work holders, other than machines of heading
8705.90 Work shops, mobile, motorised
84.26 Works trucks fitted with a crane
84.27 Works trucks fitted with lifting or handling equipment
87.09 Works trucks, self-propelled, not fitted with lifting or handling equipment, for short distance transport of goods
6309.00 Worn clothing and other worn articles
52.09 Woven fabrics containing 85% or more by weight of cotton, weighing more than 200 grams per square metre
52.08 Woven fabrics containing 85% or more by weight of cotton, weighing not more than 200 grams per square metre
55.12 Woven fabrics containing 85% or more by weight of synthetic staple fibres
52.11 Woven fabrics containing less than 85% by weight of cotton, mixed with man-made fibres, weighing
52.10 Woven fabrics containing less than 85% by weight of cotton, mixed with man-made fibres, weighing
55.14 Woven fabrics containing less than 85% by weight of synthetic staple fibres, mixed with cotton,
55.13 Woven fabrics containing less than 85% by weight of synthetic staple fibres, mixed with cotton,
54.08 Woven fabrics of artificial filament yarn
55.16 Woven fabrics of artificial staple fibres
51.11 Woven fabrics of carded wool or carded fine animal hair
5113.00 Woven fabrics of coarse animal hair
51.12 Woven fabrics of combed wool or combed fine animal hair
52.12 Woven fabrics of cotton, nes
70.19 Woven fabrics of glass
5809.00 Woven fabrics of metal thread and woven fabrics of metallised yarn of 56.05
50.07 Woven fabrics of silk or silk waste
54.07 Woven fabrics of synthetic filament yarn
55.15 Woven fabrics of synthetic staple fibres, nes
58.01 Woven pile and chenille fabrics
84.22 Wrapping machinery
4805.30 Wrapping paper, sulphite, uncoated
8204.1 Wrenches, hand-operated
8205.59 Wrenches, tap
9603.00 Writing brushes
9609.90 Writing chalk
4817.30 Writing compendiums of paper and paperboard containing an assortment of paper stationery
3215.90 Writing ink
48.10 Writing paper and paperboard, coated with inorganic substances Ch. 48 Writing paper and paperboard, nesoi
48.02 Writing paper and paperboard, uncoated
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