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Alphabetical Index To Commodities & HS Code No
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79.07 Zinc articles
7904.00 Zinc bars, rods, profiles and wire
2827.39 Zinc chloride
2841.50 Zinc chromates
79.03 Zinc dust, powders and flakes
7907.10 Zinc gutters, roof capping, skylight frames and other fabricated building
2825.90 Zinc hydroxide
2608.00 Zinc ores and concentrates
2817.00 Zinc oxide and peroxide
3206.49 Zinc oxide, impure
2608.00 Zinc oxide, natural or zincite
7905.00 Zinc plates, sheets, strip and foil
2833.29 Zinc sulphates
3206.42 Zinc sulphide based pigments and preparations
2830.90 Zinc sulphide, artificial, unmixed and non-activated
79.07 Zinc tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings
7902.00 Zinc waste and scrap
79.01 Zinc, unwrought
96.07 Zippers
81.09 Zirconium and articles of zirconium
2825.60 Zirconium dioxides
2615.10 Zirconium ores and concentrates
8109.20 Zirconium powders
9705.00 Zoological collections or collectors' pieces
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